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Ismaili Wedding Destination in Lisbon Portugal



Destination in Lisbon




Ismaili weddings are full of colors, culture, and traditions with lots of joy and merriment all around. They are a wonderful way of celebrating love and marriage and a great way to begin a new life with the spouse. Ismaili people are spread in more than 25 countries across the world. One of the best places to have an Ismaili destination wedding is Portugal. The country is known for its awesome sunny weather, miles of sandy beaches, fantastic cuisines, and diverse pristine landscape. The locals are also a friendly lot! Weddings are often a grand affair and it is best to opt for a wedding planner to ensure that the Ismaili destination wedding in Portugal finishes without a glitch. The best wedding planner in Portugal with several years of experience in the business is Lisbon Wedding Planner. Ismaili weddings consist of a variety of traditions and rituals such as Chandlo, Puro ceremony, Ponkwa ceremony, Gandi, Pithi ceremony, Mehendi, Bandhani shawl, and Rukhasti. Lisbon Wedding Planner has the know-how about all these rituals and can organize each of them to the last minutest detail.

The Mehendi ceremony at Ismaili weddings is a tradition featuring painting of intricate patterns and designs on the hands, arms, and legs of the bride with a paste made from the grounds leaves of Henna/Mehendi tree. The Mehendi is typically applied by a professional who has the necessary skills to weave the most elaborate designs using the henna paste. Once the Mehendi dries up, the dried remains of the paste are washed off and the reddish designs adorn the arms and legs of the bride.

Henna is thought to be representative of love, happiness, strength, and prosperity in the married life. It is also said that the darker is the color of Mehendi, the deeper will be the love between the married couple. Mehendi is one of the most important Ismaili wedding rituals and Lisbon Wedding Planner members will ensure that it will be one of the most memorable aspects of your Ismaili dream destination wedding in Portugal.

Couples can opt for the actual wedding to be carried out at the Lisbon Ismaili temple. The rest of the ceremonies including reception can be done at different venues of your choice. Lisbon Wedding Planner will take care of all the legal paperwork for the marriage. It will also make arrangements for the rest of the venues; accommodation for the marriage party, the bride and groom, and the guests; catering the most delightful culinary delicacies; music, dancing, decorations; and everything that the couple may want to be included in their wedding celebrations. Lisbon Wedding Planner team has the skills, the talent, the knowledge, and the experience to successfully organize and execute your dream destination Ismaili wedding in Portugal.


Lisbon Wedding Planner has an understanding with different Ismaili Temples/Ismaili Centers across Portugal. Hence, the wedding ceremony will be carried out in a smooth manner without any hassles. Contact Lisbon Wedding Planner today for the best Ismaili destination wedding in Portugal!

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Ismaili Wedding Destination in Lisbon Portugal
Ismaili Wedding Destination in Lisbon Portugal
Ismaili Wedding Destination in Lisbon Portugal