The Oitavos 

Ocean and Golf Wedding Venue

Cascais - Portugal

While driving on the road towards the Cascais coastline, it is no secret that the view is extraordinary and magnificent with picturesque beaches. Falling in love with this piece of Greater Lisbon is not hard and many, many have done that before you. However, celebrating love here is another story, yet a story that must be told and must be witnessed. 

Ocean and Golf Wedding Venue

Lisbon Wedding Planner is honoured, pleased and happy to announce that your dream might be coming to reality in the near future: an exclusive venue located in the dunes of the Cascais coastline combined with a marvellous ocean sight and a beautiful 18-holes golf course will be the perfect and exceptional location for your destination wedding in Portugal. 

The Ceremony 

A ceremony is a loving and fulfilling part of the wedding day where vows have been exchanged, promises have been made and kisses have been shared. Not only the ceremony itself is an important aspect but also the scenery must totally fit in the ambiance of the surroundings. At our exclusive and highly recommended venue are multiple options for locating the ceremony, namely: 

  • Ceremony at the infinity pool with an imposing overview of the dunes, golf and the sea 

  • Ceremony at the half-covered terrace with dunes and a lovely sunsetting as background 

  • The Ceremony Special: The Driving Range of the 18-holes golf course as your wedding ceremony location: surrounded by immersive trees, green course and nature. 

The Cocktail 

After the wonderful ceremony it is time to dry up the tears of happiness and toast on the beloved newly-weds with sparkling wine and delicious canapés. The venue is extremely flexible by terms of setting up the cocktail and can be held in any place. Our recommendations are as following:

  • Ceremony at the infinity pool? Option to have the cocktail at the higher terrace where a beautiful set up has been placed by modern sofas, chairs, standing tables, DJ-boot, flower decorations and light & sound systems. 

  • Ceremony at the half-covered terrace? Option to have the cocktail at the higher terrace or at the infinity pool with a sunset, golden light and nature encircled included with modern sofas, chairs, standing tables, DJ-boot, flower decorations and light & sound systems

  • Ceremony at the Driving Range? Option to have the cocktail under the awning of the driving range, which enhances the special ceremony. Or choose the infinity pool, higher terrace or half-covered terrace. 

The Dinner

Dinners are most of the time moments where family and friends gather their boldness for telling stories about the newly-weds and their lives together and separate. Wedding dinners are also the part of the day where designers have put all their soul in decorations to make sure the most important meal will be astonishing and alluring. Therefor our venue is the perfect location to combine both features in one. 

The venue offers different possibilities, enlisted below: 

  • A super deluxe (small) restaurant of the venue located in the hills, dunes and golf course and serves innovating high-end dishes; the extra wow-effect for your wedding day. 

  • The inside restaurant of the venue with modern furniture, lighting and delicious food having enough space for up to 300 guests. 

The Party

Partying all night long in this amazing wedding venue is a dream come true. Building an area for dancing is a joyful part of the wedding day and gives a lot of pleasure as well. 
The venue is easily to adapt into a real club, and nothing is too much. The party could entail a giant dancing floor, light & sound system, DJ, decorations, sofas, chairs, standing tables and many more options possible. 

Lisbon Wedding Planner is eager to organize and plan your wedding day at this wonderful and really special venue located near the Cascais coast. If you are opting for having your wedding at this sight, Lisbon Wedding Planner is happy to assist you during the whole process. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for more information!