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10 Wedding Ideas 2020-2021 for Your Wedding in Portugal

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Every new year that arrives comes with an accompanying new set of trends. We were all so excited to embrace 2020 and all its new trends until the pandemic struck. This pandemic has greatly affected the wedding industry, but we will get over this. Lots of weddings had to be postponed and with them, a chance to incorporate the new trends.

Every day, it seems more plausible that we will be having a full return to weddings next year. So, we’re sure lots of couples are worried about the trends they planned to incorporate into their weddings this year. Well, we at Lisbon Wedding Planner would like you to wipe that frown off your face. This year’s dynamics have made it such that some trends will go with us into the next. There is also the fact that some wedding trends are timeless and will always be in style. We’ve put down here some trends and ideas for this year 2020 that will remain trendy in 2021. Want to know them? Read on to find out.

The Color Theme - Classic Blue

Colour is one of the trends we love about 2020 because the colour palette for 2020 is classic blue. We at Lisbon Wedding Planner love it so much because Portuguese tiles combine beautifully with blue. The classic blue colour scheme chosen for this year is an elegant, timeless colour, and so you can bet that come 2021, we’ll still get to see it as part of many weddings. Blue is also trending in wedding fashion as the black tuxedo trend of grooms seems to be taking a back seat to blue.

The Seating Arrangement

The Seating Arrangement remix provides a lot of options

2020 came with a lovely budget-friendly revolution to the way guests are seated at wedding receptions: The table remix. In the table remix, multiple tables are pushed together to create beautiful designs that are either curved or waved. These artful settings are an excellent way to switch up the wedding reception experience and create a more personalized atmosphere for guests. It will definitely still be in the trends of 2021.


Greenery seems to be a new trend that has come to stay, and more couples are incorporating it into their wedding. From holding weddings in gardens to bringing the outdoors in, the greenery trend is definitely a favourite we will still see next year. The lovely green vibes that come with indoor locations covered with greenery to remind you of a garden is one that many couples can’t get enough of. We love it too here at Lisbon Wedding Planner.

Greenery seems to be a new trend that has come to stay

The New Way with Flowers

Flowers have always been a vital part of wedding trends. For 2020 we’re seeing flowers take on a beautiful turn when it comes to décor that we know will last for a while. Ceremony flowers are now featuring the planted aisle design, which has flowers blooming from the edge of the guests’ seats creating a gorgeous look. The fact that they look to be almost organically planted is a fantastic aspect of this new design.

The Outdoor Wedding Trend

Outdoor weddings are elegant, fun and inspiring

Outdoor weddings are elegant, fun, and inspiring. That’s why they’re such a hit in 2020 and will be in 2021 too. There is also the fact that social distancing seems to be a part of our lives now, and it is easier to achieve that with an outdoor wedding. The lovely décor and many different ways that you could go with your outdoor wedding, like the outdoor rustic wedding style, is what makes this trend a favorite of ours.

The Guest Experience

Weddings may be all about the couple getting married, but 2020 is seeing a lot more couples pay attention to their guests too. It’s such a heart-warming trend that we know we’ll see it next year. Couples want to make their guests feel at home, even at outdoor weddings, so we’re seeing them bring the indoor out. Outdoor weddings are starting to feature décors like exquisite long tables, home-style sofas, and lounges in the gardens. It’s a lovely way to create a living room type of environment outdoors.

The Lighting

Great lighting is a fun way to showcase all of the beautiful décor ideas that we’ve outlined above. It’s a timeless décor trend, and your options are endless. From fairy lights to hanging installations, LED bars, and even candlelight, lighting up your wedding right is undoubtedly a trend for 2021.

We offer creative flavors and decors with our wedding drinks

A New Twists on Drinks

Self-serve refreshments and flavoured waters have been a big hit in 2020 and will definitely continue to be one in 2021. With self-serve refreshments, you offer your guests an opportunity to become involved in creating their own drink, and it’s gaining popularity because guests love it. Some guests want to enjoy non-alcoholic beverages, too, which is where flavoured drinks come in. The addition of fizz will also be on the in. Think sparkling water, champagne, and anything with bubbles. They’re great for parties!

Wide Selection of Dessert

Sweets Table with a Wide Selection of Desserts

The tastiest trend for 2020 is one that we know we’ll see in 2021. Dessert tables full of many different options are on the ins, and they’ll serve to satisfy guests with different tastes and dietary restrictions. We’re loving the mouth-watering displays of Brazilian Style Fancy Sweets Tables (with Loads of Flowers and Gourmet Sweets and Chocolates), Delicatessen Cheese and Cold Meats Boards.

Wanderlust Weddings

Travel themed weddings are a great way to have a blast

Travel themed weddings are a great way to have a blast in a destination across the globe from the original place. With the décor, atmosphere and even the meals representing the culture, you and your guests will quickly forget that you’re not at that destination as you celebrate. An example is an Indian styled wedding with vibrant colors. We’ve handled lots of those here at Lisbon Wedding Planner, and they’re definitely a trend that will go with us into the next year.

Are you ready to have the time of your lives at your destination wedding in Portugal? Well, we at Lisbon Wedding Planner are prepared to give you and your family just that and make the experience one that you will always remember. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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