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DIY Vintage Wedding in Portugal

If you have always wanted to host a Vintage Wedding in Portugal, then why not host a DIY Vintage Wedding in Portugal? You can pick and choose all of your favorite aspects and implement them onto your DIY Vintage Wedding in Portugal. Once you have a theme picked out, all you need is to choose which styles of decoration you would like! From the wedding ceremony to the wedding cocktail, and from the wedding reception to the wedding dance floor, once you have thought out each individual area and what you would like to implement, then you can start doing your DIY Vintage Wedding in Portugal!

If you are worried about your tight wedding budget, and you do not want to rely on someone else to do all areas of the vintage décor of your destination wedding in Portugal, than there is nothing better than a DIY vintage wedding in Portugal! If you take care of all the small decorative details, and all of the fun and games, then you will end up saving so much on your actual wedding in Portugal. Sometime it is the little things that are heavy on your budget, as they add up too easily, therefore if you take care of them, that is one less weight you need to be worried about!

One of our clients, fell in love with The Quinta - My Vintage Wedding venue in Portugal, and new from that moment that she had to organize her own DIY Vintage Wedding in Portugal, in our stunning wedding venue. Due to the fact that this client travels a lot because of her her job, she picked up some of her favorite items from a country she loves, Mexico! Together with the help of our expert wedding planner, they created marvelous areas throughout her destination wedding in Portugal, with artifacts that our client had brought from Mexico!

You can see the pictures above and below, of this DIY Vintage Wedding in Portugal that we helped turn into reality. Based on her vision, we were able to transform her dream into a beautiful mexican vintage wedding in Portugal! You do not necessarily need to do the same thing, however when you have a vision, together with our help it can be quite easy to implement it! Therefore, think of the theme first, and then if you are stuck do not worry, as we can always give you some ideas which will result into a beautiful DIY Vintage Wedding in Portugal!

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