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Get Married in Sunny Évora

Évora is not only an extremely historical city, it is also one of the sunniest cities in Portugal. With arabic influence, this beautiful city is completely unique, and is also the capital of the Alentejo region. Surrounded by some of the most scenic alentejo views, this walled city is a must visit. Many call it the wonder of the Alentejo, as it has several different characteristics that makes it so rich. Also, in Évora is one of Portugal's best and most ancient University, that is very well ranked. This keeps the city modern and up to date, yet still with strong traces of its past and heritage.

Évora is known for being always sunny and very warm compared to the rest of Portugal, however there are several other reasons why you should want to get married in sunny Évora. Having beautiful monuments, incredible climate, and stunning surroundings, sounds like Évora is the perfect setting for your destination wedding in Portugal. And it is, we'll show you exactly why, with our top 5 reasons of why you should get married in sunny Évora!


The climate

Of course, we needed to state the obvious, the sunny weather in Évora will provide the perfect climate for your outdoor destination wedding in the countryside! You can worry about everything else, but you must definitely don't have to worry about the climate, and in most places that is usually the opposite.

The gastronomy

Évora's regional gastronomy is one of the best in the whole of Portugal, making people all around the country eat the food from Évora, Alentejo, on a daily basis. You will be marveled by the exquisite flavors, uniqueness of the meals, and the history behind each dish. One thing is certain, the food at your destination wedding in Portugal will be to die for.

The views

The views surrounding Évora, are of the pure Alentejo countryside. It is a very relaxing ambience, and the peacefulness stretches out as far as the eye can see. These views will also serve as the perfect background, allowing you and your partner to take some of the most beautiful wedding pictures for your destination wedding in Portugal.

The history

Évora's city center is coated with history at every corner. From roman temples, to excruciatingly beautiful churches, your destination wedding in Portugal will be completely surrounded by the historical facts of this amazing city. There are also several different monuments and museums you must visit during your stay in Évora, and you can check those here.

The accommodation

The accommodation in Évora is varied and plenty, offering an hotel, a pension, or a hostel at every corner of the inner walled city. On the outside of the wall you will find larger hotels, with pools and bigger structures, but which still remain very close to the actual city center. this amplitude of accommodation will be extremely handy for your destination wedding in Portugal!

Get married in sunny Évora as you will not be disappointed! For more information please do not hesitate to contact us!

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