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Thank you Lucie

3 months ago, Lisbon Wedding Planner, received an intern from Montpellier in France. Lucie, is a smart, talented, professional, out going girl who has really impacted all of us positively. At least, a lot more french was definitely spoken in the office over the course of her internship. She is leaving tomorrow, and we will all miss her immensely.

Whilst here, Lucie was engaged in almost all of our events, and participated in everything from helping us to set up, decorating, speaking to clients, flower design, solving last minute problems, and all whilst proving how much of a great personality she has. Always uplifting the team, Lucie has not only experienced working with new people, she has also learnt a lot from being in action by our side .

Lucie also modeled for us in a countryside wedding photoshoot we did, creating the most wonderful and magical photos with her stunning french looks. She never rejected anything proposed to her, and always did so happily and with a merry attitude.

From the bottom of our hearts, the team would like to thank Lucie, for helping, for being happy, for supporting the team, for having such a generous personality, for working hard, and for being a member of our team that we will never forget. And although she arrived as our intern, now she will leave as our friend, and will forever be so.

During her time with Lisbon Wedding Planner, Lucie has nurtured and created a family for herself in Portugal, and one that will always be here for her through thick and thin. Thank you once again for being such a positive soul in the office for these past 3 months.

To our special friend, Lucie, this is not a goodbye, its an I'll see you soon!

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