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The Ideal Time of Year for a Beach Wedding

What is the Ideal Time of Year for a Beach Wedding in Portugal? This is the number one question that couples planning a beach ceremony must ask themselves. No one wants to have their wedding on a cold wet windy day. May and June are the best guaranteed months of the year for a beach wedding. The following is the reasons why Lisbon Wedding Planner recommend this to be the perfect time of the year to have your beach wedding.

  1. Climate; Portugal has a Mediterranean climate with a very wet season in winter, from December to February. Therefore, these are the months that are recommended to avoid having your wedding ceremony on the beach. Weather is very unpredictable that time of the year. From the months of March to November, temperatures range from 14 to 28 degrees. The warmest months being July and August. Quite often these months are also best not to have a beach ceremony as temperatures can range very high and therefore be too warm for a wedding. Yes, we know how you are all thinking that the warmer the better! Especially if you are travelling from countries that never experience this heat. But sitting in that heat for a long period of time can get very tiring and uncomfortable. May/June are much more suitable months of the year to be able relax and enjoy the heat.

  2. Lighting; In May/June is the most ideal time of the year for those photos you will be looking back on for years and years. As it is not too warm/too sunny. When it is too bright, capturing that moment as you and your newly wedded walk along the beach will not be as perfect it would be capturing it in May/June.

  3. Busy time of the year; During the months of June and July, beaches will be crowded! Portugal is becoming more popular every year as a holiday destination for families. Also, with kids off school for the summer, the beach becomes even busier. It’s hard to find a spot on the beach to lie on never mind holding your wedding ceremony. There is no privacy about it. However, in May/June, you still have a lovely warm climate, with a less crowded place! Kids are in school, others working. Lisbon Wedding Planner also recommends during the week to be the be a more ideal time.

  4. Cheaper; As this is not a busy season for tourists, almost everything you will find is cheaper! Flights, venues, food. With Lisbon Wedding Planner, you have the option of holding your reception at The Quinta Arriaga, with Adraga Beach only 10 minutes away. It is a perfect combination.

From looking at these reasons, Lisbon Wedding Planner hopes that it has helped in making your decision for the time of the year most suited for your beach wedding. With an excellent team of skilled and professional event planners, Lisbon Wedding Planner is here to assist you in putting your dreams into reality.

Beach Wedding Ceremony Portugal

Beach Wedding Ceremony Portugal

Beach Wedding Ceremony Portugal

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