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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

All the best Rustic, outdoor, and on the budget wedding ideas you are looking for are in this post!

Calling out all the brides and grooms that are obsessed with the rustic outdoor and good budget wedding vibes. Just like us, love them all together!

With these 3 easy rustic wedding decor tips, you will pull off the perfect rustic vibe that would not take away the beauty of your venue in Portugal.

These 3 wedding decor ideas will keep you on the budget, input the rustic wedding style, and enhance your spring, summer wedding in sunny Portugal.

We show how the 3 quick wedding inspiration ideas that will make your wedding Rustic, rustic, rustic! Without passing your wedding budget in many euros.

The photos on this blog are from real weddings organized by Lisbon Wedding Planner at two rustic style wedding venues - Quinta do Torneiro in Lisbon and The Quinta - My Vintage Wedding Portugal

1. Long tables – wood and curved

A wedding outdoor mix with a long table is a summer wedding dream. But for that rustic wedding, you need that amazing farm wood long tables style or even better the newest trend of tables a curved Snake shape table.

If you still like round tables, do not worry. You can have them too, just mix them with the long wood tables and link them with little rustic wedding details. The next tips on chairs would be perfect for this!

First on the budget tip: many of the wedding venues in Portugal are rustic villas and have these long wooden tables available. Ask them and save on your decoration wedding budget.

2. Rustic Crossback Wood Chairs: must have!

They were the trendiest chairs in any Instagram wedding planner, wedding post that you may have seen this past year. For your rustic wedding decoration in an outdoor garden they are absolutely a success. The brown crossback wood chairs are a must-have in a good decor rustic wedding in Portugal.

Ok, maybe these types of rustic chairs, not all the venues may have! But you can add them to your wedding budget for a cheap cost of around 5 to 7 euros plus taxes in Portugal Or you can save more and hire just a few to mix with the wedding chairs the wedding venue has already available for you.

3. Dried Flowers and Pampas Grass

They are here to stay - dried flowers and pampas grass! There are the best combinations and easy detail to create your wedding with a rustic boho ambiance. Besides, they aren't expensive, excellent for your wedding budget, and they don't die! For an outdoor summer and maybe hot weather wedding they will be the perfect floral touch.

In the end, the wedding can also be offered to the wedding guests as a simple wedding favor. See how a simple wedding decor detail can be used for centerpieces, to create an amazing rustic ambiance, be on the budget, and even a quick wedding souvenir. How amazing is this? Right! Save this item on your wedding budget list!

We hope these 3 amazingly easy and budget-friendly wedding decoration ideas will help you plan your rustic wedding in Portugal.

We can assist you with our wedding services and share all the best and on the budget rustic wedding ideas, book us now – Lisbon Wedding Planner.

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