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Vintage Wedding Style

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Vintage wedding style is one of our favorites for destination weddings in Portugal. We can clearly see that the atmosphere is way more relaxed, and easy when couples choose the Vintage Wedding Style theme for their weddings in Portugal. At Lisbon Wedding Planner, we have a great vintage wedding style venue which is the ideal place to host vintage weddings in Portugal: The Quinta - My Vintage Wedding in Portugal!

Vintage weddings in Portugal hosted by Lisbon Wedding Planner, are usually very colorful affairs that mix and match vintage furniture, have colorful arrangements of wild flowers, and an arrangement of fairy lights and light bulbs hung over the wedding reception.

Vintage weddings are composed mostly of details, and therefore details are extremely important when it comes down to organizing vintage weddings in Portugal. From the type of candles used, to the combination of chairs, and the flowers chosen, one has to pay attention to all of the small features that will make it count on the day.

If you are looking to have your destination wedding in Portugal with a vintage theme, you can see some of our prior weddings organized here, as well as some great vintage wedding inspiration here. You can see how we have styled our vintage weddings in Portugal, and all the different tips that we offer our clients who our looking to have their vintage destination wedding in Portugal.

To help you with styling your vintage wedding in Portugal, we are just about to share with you all the absolute necessities for your vintage wedding decorations.

Your wedding ceremony is the most important area of your vintage destination wedding in Portugal. It is the moment that both you and your partner become united in love before all of your closest friends and family members. You can go for a floral arch, or a floral decorated canopy. However, make sure to decorate your wedding ceremony with several flowers, in several places. Floral ceremonies are so vintage and on trend, yet you need to be sure to choose simple flowers. The simpler the flowers and their respective color pallette, the better your vintage wedding ceremony will look! Mix match your ceremony chairs, and include some decorative vintage items such as pillows to create a really cute, romantic, and vintage atmosphere for the big moment!

Decorating your wedding reception is one of the most important areas, and one key thing to keep in mind, is the simpler you go, the better it is! From wild and colorful flowers in a selection of pots, jars and mason jars to mix matching chairs and plates, every detail on the table counts! Rustic wood tables, with no tablecloth really help you to achieve that vintage style for your destination wedding in Portugal. For more tips and inspiration see our prior work, or even speak to one of our team members for extra help!

how to decorate the wedding ceremony

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