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We Love Outdoor Weddings in Portugal

We Love Outdoor Weddings in Portugal. With the growing trend of outdoor weddings in Portugal, we placed it as our mission to find a gorgeous outdoor wedding venue, and ta da.. not only did we find an exclusive and private outdoor wedding location, we found the most perfect outdoor wedding venue in Portugal. Surrounded only by beautiful trees, and pure nature, this outdoor venue in Portugal has an immense potential, and one of the most romantic atmospheres

In Portugal it is quite hard to organize outdoor weddings in public spaces, as you would need a license and a whole other lot of papers to fill in. However, in our outdoor wedding venue, given that it is private, you will be able to have a wedding of your own in a forest, without the fear of strangers walking past your wedding. The space will be reserved for just you, your friends and your family.


To make sure, you loved this woodland outdoor wedding venue in Portugal as much as we did, we decided to do an outdoor wedding photoshoot in this exclusive venue! Simulating a real life outdoor wedding possibility, we included all the main features in our photoshoot. From wedding ceremony, to wedding reception, and a special bridal feature, we could not miss a thing for our special Outdoor Wedding in Portugal.

We believe this venue has a lot of charisma and has the complete blank canvas look, allowing you to decorate however you please. From attaching fairy lights to the trees, and choosing bold colors for your flower arrangements, to choosing vintage furniture for the lounge, and even maybe a floral arch for your wedding ceremony, you can really just create any style of outdoor weddings in Portugal that you would like! Hippie chic, elegant, colorful, vintage, rustic, or even festival inspired, we can really make any type of wedding style come true in this stunning Outdoor Wedding Venue in Portugal.



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