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Your Destination Wedding Planner in Portugal

If you are reading this, you have most likely been recently proposed to, and we are extremely delighted about this! Congratulations on this new and exciting step of your life! At Lisbon Wedding Planner, we aim to offer you only the most exciting and memorable experiences, and ensure that every little second of your destination wedding in Portugal is splendid!


Usually, all wedding suppliers around the world believe that their service is the best, however, wedding planners are the glue that bring these services together to ensure for a perfect wedding. At Lisbon wedding planner, we aim to bring together all of the different areas that you love, and “glue” them together to ensure that not only is your event a success, but that it has been done according to what you have always desired.


Our team of wedding planners is immensely thrilled to hear all about you as a couple, as well as your dreams and wishes for your destination wedding in Portugal. However, we would like to first formally present ourselves as team, our work, and years of experience. To ensure that we are the right team to organize your destination wedding in Portugal, please read below to know all about us!


Claudia Gameiro is a talented and driven professional who oversees the Lisbon Wedding Planner team, having several years of wedding planning experience, and a lot of professional qualifications, including an extra Wedding Planner qualification with Sarah Haywood from London, Marcy Blum from New York City and Diane Khoury from Australia. By having the know how on both how to overcome challenges together with how to create a dedicated and highly professional and efficient team, Claudia Gameiro has been leading the Wedding Planner business in the Lisbon Coastline. Together with her productive team at Lisbon Wedding Planner, Claudia has been able to host the most unforgettable destination weddings for her clients.


Lisbon Wedding Planner is made up of several experienced and talented members, who all have a particular strength in an area of their work. Complementing each other’s work, and grasping the concept of teamwork, Lisbon Wedding Planner’s team is tightly united to ensure you receive the wedding that you have been dreaming of for all these years. At Lisbon Wedding Planner we will have full communication with you at all times, ensuring that you can be as hands-on with the planning of your big day as you would like to. You do not need to worry about language barriers, because not only do we have an essential list of multi cultural contacts, but we also have knowledge of the entire wedding procedures required to marry abroad. Our team is built from a mix of fluent Portuguese and English speakers, which will make communication helpful for everyone involved in your Destination Wedding in Portugal.


Being it our one and only mission to make your wedding come true, you are sure to be in great, professional hands when trusting us to make your Destination Wedding in Portugal a dreamy reality.


An expert in organizing weddings in the Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra areas;


Maintains high standards when hiring both vendors and venues;


Is extremely aware of innovative technologies;


Is highly authentic;


Has gained a lot of experience throughout the years;


Is extremely mature;


Huge attention to details;


Has a passionate and diplomatic approach;


An eye for aesthetics with several in house designers;


Has received an extensive list of positive reviews and recognition;


Has a lot of attention to etiquette and protocol;


And is extremely romantic at heart;


Is extremely budget orientated;


An experienced team who will skillfully place into practice what has been planned for your wedding;


Will never give up, as we are a team who is used to dealing with pressure in the events world.

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