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Choosing the right destination wedding venue is the most time-consuming part of your wedding planning but this section – Wedding Venues by Lisbon Wedding Planner is here to save you time and help you chose your dreamed wedding venue in Portugal. We have the best destination wedding venues in Portugal to browse through and you can narrow your search to find the most perfect.


We included all the at-a-glance information you need to know and real wedding photos, so you can see more about our different wedding venues, making it even easier to find your dream venue in Portugal.

Luxury Wedding Ceremony at Quinta do Torneiro
Wedding at Quinta do Torneiro in Portuga
Dinner Tables at Greenhouse of Quinta doTorneiro
Lisbonweddingplanner-LisbonVenue (29 of
Lisbon Patio - Portugal
Palacio de Seteais Wedding Venue in Portugal
Lisbon wedding planner-beach

What do you see when you picture your destination wedding in Portugal? Are you standing on a beach or in a grand ballroom? Or do you picture yourself outdoors with nature as the backdrop? There are so many kinds of wedding venues to choose from when it comes to your wedding in Portugal as you can see from above. The location you eventually settle on will affect your event style, so here are some tips from us at Lisbon Wedding Planner to help you choose which is best for you. 

Venues for Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings provide an element of romance and cab be a stunning backdrop for your wedding in Portugal. They are perfect for a country, rustic or boho chic wedding and more brides seems to be going for them. Whether your wedding takes place in one of the beautiful terraces, beaches or gardens, an outdoor wedding captures something that an indoor wedding never can although it is also special. You can employ the natural landscape to your advantage and provide an amazing feel good atmosphere for your wedding.  Some outdoor wedding locations that you can contact us for are: Quinta do Torneiro, Wedding Villa in Lisbon, The Quinta - My Vintage Wedding Portugal, Arriba By the Sea, Marques Palace, etc.

Venues for Elegant and Classic Weddings

Have a wedding imbedded with fairytale romance and elegance when you try out the venues we have lined up for your elegant and classic wedding. They feature amazing things like wood-paneled walls, chandeliers, grand marble staircases and more. Outside you can find manicured lawns, lovely terraces and beautiful gardens to perfect your wedding atmosphere. You can get these at some of the following venues: Luxury Palace Hotel in Sintra, Classical Palace in Lisbon, etc.

Venues for Beach Style Weddings

Whether it’s an ocean, the sea, a river or a lake, there is something special about weddings that take place near a body of water. Beach weddings in Portugal are no different. You’ll find that our beach venues offer dedicated setups and spaces for your wedding and that the views from them are incredible. The reception spaces for beach weddings are also magnificent and your guests will certainly have an unforgettable time. Some of the beach wedding locations that we offer packages for are: Arriba By the Sea, Beach Castle, Beach Villa Estoril, etc.

Venues for Vintage and Rustic Weddings

If you and your spouse-to-be share a love of vintage, you should consider holding your wedding in one of our many Quintas. You’ll love how the hint of the past comes alive with your wedding at any of these historic venues. Think rich architectural styles, Portuguese blue tiles and distinctive interiors. These homes feature impressive grounds and gardens that are perfect for an outdoor ceremony and pictures. The following are some of our venues that you could use for your Vintage or Rustic wedding in Portugal:  Quinta do Torneiro, The Quinta - My Vintage Wedding Portugal, Monserrate Palace, Gremio Palace, Marques Palace, Museum Venue, Lisbon Patio, Pena Palace, etc.

Venues with Accommodation

These venues are known for their polished staff and facilities. One of the primary reasons why couples go for them, however, is the unmatched convenience of staying and having your wedding ceremony, reception and guests in one place. It’s a great way to eliminate the stress of having to transport people form one place to another for your wedding. You can find accommodation for you and your guests at the following locations:  Quinta do Torneiro, Wedding Villa in Lisbon, The Quinta - My Vintage Wedding Portugal, Ritz Carlton Resort, Luxury Palace Hotel with Rooms, etc. 

Venues for Large Weddings

Whether it’s that you’re super popular, have a massive extended family or you just can’t bear the thought of crossing any names off your guest list, we have a list of amazing large capacity wedding venues that could be perfect for your big day. Whatever the number on your guest list, make sure you contact us. Here are some of our venues where you could hold your large wedding: Lisbon Large Palace, etc.

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