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If you're coming to Portugal for your destination wedding, how about holding it at Adraga beach?


Lisbon Wedding Planner can help you organize a beautiful ceremony that is to die for, and you'll remember how lovely it was for the rest of your lives. There are several reasons why you'll love this beach location, so here's a guide to your Adraga Beach Wedding.



Adraga Beach is situated in the natural park of Cascais - Sintra and it is facing the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal. This astonishing beach wedding venue is known for being surrounded by amazing cliffs and natural landscape, it is a well-kept secret after the Almoçageme village in Sintra. In 2003 was considered one of the 20 best European beaches by the British magazine The Sunday Times.

This amazing beach is the perfect location for your beach wedding ceremony, having hosted many beach weddings before, for the quietness, privacy and most of all for the natural beauty. This blue flagged beach is the perfect beach venue wedding destination in Portugal. Offering you endless photo opportunities for your beach wedding ceremony and wedding cocktail.  Here you can most definitely get married facing the blue ocean and be warmed by our bright Portuguese sun and take your first steps as a married couple in our clear sand beach.

Adraga Beach Wedding Ceremony


There is a reason why Adraga Beach, also known as Praia de Adraga, is regarded as one of Europe's best beaches. Firstly, it is located in Portugal, which is already known for its fantastic climate, and the beach itself is a beauty to behold. You'll enjoy the stunning scenery of the cliffs, the impressive rock outcrops, and the beautiful golden sand.

History & Location

Praia da Adraga is a well-signed beach nestled in cliffs by the sea in the middle of Sintra's hills. It has clear blue waters and is situated in the natural park of Cascais-Sintra, facing the Atlantic Ocean. This lovely beach is a favourite amongst visitors and locals because of its well-preserved natural environment and was a well-kept secret for a long time. It is no longer this way as Adraga Beach has won many awards in Europe and is now a favorite to many. You can, however, still find lots of seclusion and space if you time your visit right or go beyond the cliffs.  

Adraga Beach Wedding Venue

Adraga Beach is a lovely location for your destination wedding and has hosted lots of weddings. It offers you countless photo opportunities, and its rocks make a natural arch that you can hold your wedding underneath. This beach is protected by two very high hills, which gives a very private, intimate feel, and you'll be protected from too strong winds.

Lisbon Wedding Planner has fantastic packages for you at this beach, and you can have your reception at The Quinta after your lovely ceremony here. The Quinta - My Vintage Wedding in Portugal is very close to Adraga Beach, which means you can also change for your wedding there and even spend the night. 

Quinta do Torneiro is also another lovely location just 20 minutes away, where you can retire to for the rest of your wedding after your ceremony at the beach. At Adraga Beach, you can have a private, quiet wedding facing the ocean and warmed by the bright Portuguese sun.


Wedding Possibilities

A destination wedding at a beautiful beach with your family and loved ones? Sign us up! We love beach weddings and so will you. You'll have a truly memorable event on the clear beach sand with the ocean as a lovely backdrop. Any of the following themes would be a success at this gorgeous beach location:

An Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are fun, liberating, and exciting. Your pictures will be amazing, and your guests will be discussing your wedding for many days afterwards. This is one theme you can't go wrong with at Adraga Beach. You won't have to spend too much on décor too. Lisbon Wedding Planner can help you plan an unforgettable outdoor wedding at Adraga Beach.  

A Beach Wedding

Nothing says "destination wedding" like a barefoot ceremony in the sand. If you and your guests are coming all the way, it might as well be for a memorable event. Beach weddings are fun, carefree, and the water nearby keeps everyone happy and in sync. You'll enjoy your beach wedding at Adraga Beach, and you can incorporate lovely rituals like the sand ceremony in keeping with the theme. Also, if you love beach venues but don't care so much for the sand, you can tryout Arriba by the Sea.

A Romantic Wedding

The romantic setting of Adraga Beach with the clear blue ocean in the background creates a relaxing and romantic feeling of freedom by itself. You can hold your romantic themed wedding successfully at Adraga beach wedding because it is unique in every way, and the possibilities are endless. Your decor will be completely different from conventional weddings, and you'll have lots of fun.

A Tropical Wedding

Missing the feel of places like Hawaii but want somewhere different for your wedding? Tropical weddings are trendy in the summer and feature elements like lush jungle greenery, vibrant blooms, zesty punches of color, playful pineapples, and the stylish banana leaf print. You can certainly use your décor to hold a wedding like this at Adraga Beach, and when the sunsets, it'll be the element that completes the beauty of your event. What do you think of having your tropical wedding on Adraga Beach?

Lisbon Wedding Planner Packages

Lisbon Wedding Planner is the local-based planner that you need for your Adraga Beach wedding in Portugal. We enjoy helping couples have the wedding they've always dreamed of. Our team also has on offered fantastic wedding packages that allow you to have your Adraga Beach Wedding Ceremony in Sintra and then the rest of your event in The Quinta - My Vintage Wedding in Portugal for very little. So, what do you say? You can check the benefits of that wedding package here.

Here at Lisbon Wedding Planner, we take your vision for your Destination Wedding in Portugal very seriously. Do you want a beach wedding? Our team consists of talented and experienced wedding planners with good eyes for details who are ready to make it happen. If you've been thinking of having your Destination Wedding in Portugal, you should reach out to us. Contact us today!

Beach Wedding in Portugal ~ by Lisbon Wedding Planner

Beach Wedding in Portugal ~ by Lisbon Wedding Planner

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