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Why should I hire a wedding planner for my destination wedding?

When hosting a destination wedding, we highly recommend that you hire wedding planners, as each country has their own rules and specificities. Through experience, wedding planners gain knowledge when it comes to their local vendors and suppliers, and therefore they know best whom to choose, to ensure that you only receive the best service at the best price.



Why should I hire Lisbon Wedding Planner in Portugal?

The team at Lisbon Wedding Planner is professional in many ways. Lisbon Wedding Planner has several features that differentiates it from other wedding planning companies, such as:


An eye for aesthetics;

An expert in organizing weddings in the Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra areas:

Maintains high standards when hiring both vendors and venues;

Is extremely aware of innovative technologies;

Is highly authentic;

Has gained a lot of experience throughout the years;

Is extremely mature;

Huge attention to details;

Have several in house designers;

Has a passionate and diplomatic approach;

Has received an extensive list positive reviews and recognition;

Has a lot of attention to etiquette and protocol;

And is extremely romantic at heart;

Is extremely budget orientated;

An experienced team who will skillfully place into practice what has been for your wedding;

Will never back down, or give up, as we are a team who is used to dealing with pressure in the events world;


These together with many other qualities are what make Lisbon Wedding Planner’s team unique in comparison to its competitors, and that shall be evident at your wedding.



The Venue has a coordinator; do I need a wedding planner?

The venue coordinator and wedding planner have severely different roles for your wedding in Portugal. The venue coordinator ensures that the venue itself is working and that anything that has to do with the venue is fixed.


However the wedding planner not only communicates with the venue coordinator to ensure that all is working, they also ensure that your wedding in Portugal is running smoothly. From the venue, to the catering, celebrant and legalities, protocol, hair and makeup, flower and decor design, music, schedule control, video and photography team, invitations and guest list management, your wedding planner in Portugal ensures that nothing is forgotten.


Your wedding planner will ensure that all the different suppliers come together on the day, to make all areas of your destination wedding in Portugal the best experience.



What types of weddings do you accommodate?

We accommodate all types of different weddings in Portugal. We believe in love without boundaries, and that love comes in every shape and size! Therefore please do not hesitate in contacting us to arrange your destination wedding in Portugal, independently of what you believe is socially accepted or not, as we accept everyone!



Do you cater to any specific religions?

No we cater to all types of religions for your wedding in Portugal. From catholic, to Jewish, to Hindu, and even non-religious civil ceremonies are arranged for your destination wedding in Portugal. We cater for all types of religions and all types of non-religious ceremonies, including symbolic wedding ceremonies in Portugal.



What wedding planning services do you offer?

We offer you a wide array of stress free wedding packages, which allow you to experience everything you might need for your destination wedding in Portugal for a reasonable price! These packages not only include the venue and the total cost per person but also many other features, to ensure that you and your guests get the best possible service whilst enjoy your destination wedding in Portugal.


We also have valuable contacts with extremely professional videographers, photographers, DJs, hair and make up stylists. Any extras you might need and want included we will arrange them for you. Please be so kind as to read our Services website page about each and every service that we offer you, for your destination wedding in Portugal.



If I book a stress free wedding package will I be charged for a wedding planner fee?

No, if you book one of our stress free wedding packages in Portugal, our wedding planner fee will be included in the total amount of the package. We really wanted these packages to be all-inclusive so that you did not have to worry about many things, and so we decided that our fees were part of the included features!



Do you charge an initial consultation?

We do not charge for an initial consultation, as we consider that period a very good way of getting to know you and your partner, of exchanging ideas, understanding what you would like, and showing you our possibilities. Therefore, as we are learning a lot about you as a couple as well, we do not feel the need to charge you for this consultation!



What additional event services do you offer?

At Lisbon Wedding Planner we are event lovers, and so we love all types of diverse events! Therefore we organize all types of events from baptisms, to birthday parties, to rehearsal dinners, corporate events, bachelor parties, and general social gatherings. Whatever idea you have, please share it with us, as we would love to organize this event in Portugal for you!



How much communication will we have?

We are a highly committed team who understands the importance of this moment in your life, and so we believe that our communication with you is highly valuable. There is a standard response time available for each client, however upon request we can offer a more personalized and continuous service for our clients.


Will I have a wedding planner at my wedding/event?

Yes, the member of our team that you most spoke to will be your wedding planner as well at the day of your wedding in Portugal. Your wedding planner will be there from the early morning, to ensure that everything is assembled and ready for your destination wedding in Portugal, and will only leave when your disco begins. Therefore during the day you need not to stress about anything, and can calmly enjoy every moment of your day, with the certainty that someone is taking care of every single detail.


Are wedding planners only for the rich and famous?

Actually in our views a wedding planner is helpful for all types of couples, and exist to aid all types of couples. From professionally orientated people, who do not have the time to plan every single detail of their wedding due to their jobs, to people from a higher lifestyle who also find it good to have a wedding planner, they all rely in our valuable help. All of our clients rely on us as wedding planners as they know, that we have the best vendors, venues and suppliers, and therefore guarantee only the best for your destination wedding in Portugal!



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