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Indian Wedding Catering In Portugal

Typically a Destination Indian wedding in Portugal lasts 2-3 days. In India, they are often extended to weeks and even months in some instances – depending on the couple’s families entirely. Indian weddings are all about rituals, customs, and traditions that are passed on from one generation to the next.  They together take the form of bounding ceremonies that unify the couple and their family for years to come. An Indian Destination Wedding in Portugal tends to be smaller in size and shorter in length when compared with the ones in India. Portugal is a popular Indian Wedding Destination for all religious: Hindu, Sikh, Ismaili and Catholic. 


Indian weddings are a representation of religion, customs, and traditions, with festivities carried out over multiple days. Everything from the venue and décor to the menu and traditions should be executed with the utmost perfection on this special day. That is why the Lisbon Wedding Planner is here to help you plan your Indian wedding in Portugal.  

We at Lisbon Wedding Planner are a team of experienced wedding planners. We have the expertise to plan and cater to your Indian wedding in Portugal. We are well-resourced to handle everything from the mesmeric location and the colourful and traditional decor to the endless supply of exquisite Indian cuisine served on your Big Day! Whether you have 100 or 1000 guests, our catering services capable of serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian and fusion cuisines on your special day

Indian Wedding Ceremonies & Food In Portugal 


Mandwa is a wedding ritual that holds religious significance in Hindu weddings. The ceremony is carried out by the parents of the couples in their respective homes to seek permission from the Mother Earth to dig the soil for erecting the Mandap for the wedding ceremony. 


On the other hand, Pithi is a ritual during which the aunt of the bride prepares a herbal mixture in a decorative platter and have it blessed by the pandit (priest). Later on, the females in the bride’s family apply that mixture (Pithi) to the face, hands, and feet of the bride as a sign of their blessing and love. 

After the ceremony, the family gathers for a simple buffet lunch. We offer a full-fledged vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffet lunch with the famous Indian meals. You can choose Gujarati, Punjabi, South-Indian, or fusion cuisines for the buffet served to your guests. 

Sangeet and Mehndi 

The sangeet and mehndi are either combined or separate ceremonies. Sangeet is a music-filled ceremony in which the families of the bride and groom sing and dance to celebrate the union of the couple. Mehndi is followed by the sangeet. It is the ceremony in which the females of the families put on henna on their hands and feet and exchange stories. 

Since both the ceremonies last for hours and usually take place at night, the guests are served a wide range of food items to keep them full and energetic throughout the night. We provide vegetarian & non-vegetarian canapés, starters, live beverage stations, main courses, rice, and bread in terms of the menu. You can also opt for live cooking as it adds an enthralling vibe to the atmosphere.  It is also popular to have a traditional Indian dessert station or ice cream station for the guests to enjoy. 

Wedding Ceremony 

The wedding ceremony is the bounding ceremony between the bride and the groom. It takes place during the day and is followed by a vegetarian buffet. It is a tradition to serve eggless food items to the guests on the wedding day. The ceremony is religious and intimate; thus, no alcohol is served at the time. 

In Hinduism, a wedding ceremony isn’t only about the union of two people. But is a full-fledged celebration of two different families coming together and uniting as one spiritually and mentally. The wedding day is a special time in the couple’s life which they should enjoy and celebrate to the fullest.

We have partnered up with Penha Longa Catering, Passage to India, Casa do Marques, the most popular and well-reputed Indian caterers in Portugal. With their help, we deliver the proper taste of your traditional cuisine on your special day. Our delicious and tasty food, along with our catering service, will leave the guests talking for years to come. 


The reception is the most fun and crazy part of Indian weddings. It is all about having fun and enjoying the reunion between the couple and the two families. After the wedding ceremony, the families get together much like a traditional Christian wedding and enjoy a full-course meal and dance the night away. 

For the reception menu, you can have soups, chaats such as Pau Bhaji, Papdi Chaat, Channa Chaat, a BBQ station with live cooking and serving tikkas, lamb kebabs, etc.  You can also set a canapé table with sweet corn, spring rolls, aloo Tikki, etc. 

The main courses are the most fun to choose from. We provide all Gujarati, Punjabi, South Indian, Western, and Fusion cuisines.  Whether you want Indian starters, main courses, rice dishes, bread, side dishes, or desserts – we provide it with all. You can opt for a buffet, a regular course meal, live cooking stations, or meals served at the tables. 

The alcohol bar is always open for drinks. You can choose from fine wine to sparkling wine, beer, rum, vodka, traditional cocktails, or any other liquor that you wish to add to the table. Guests can enjoy an unlimited number of drinks throughout the ceremony.  

Indian Wedding Customs and Traditions 

Indian weddings are full of geographical customs and religious traditions. Different states in India follow various rituals and traditions but the most common and fun traditions that we have encountered over the years with our Indian clients are; 

Henna Ritual 

The henna ceremony is popularly carried out on the day of Mehndi. The bride and the females in the family put on colorful henna patterns on their hands and feet. Since the wedding ceremony is all about love, celebration, and prosperity; thus, floral designs are most commonly used. 

It is tradition to hide the name of the groom in the henna pattern, which he later has to find on the wedding day. Henna has become a popular tradition because there are many Hindu beliefs linked to it. It is believed that the darker the henna, the more the mother-in-law will love her daughter-in-law. Others also believe that the darker the henna, the more the husband will love and care for his wife. 


The wedding ceremony takes place under a unique, temporarily-constructed structure called the Mandap. It is similar to a canopy which is decorated with natural flowers, customized floral printed fabrics, lights, and crystals. The couple is united under the Mandap by a Pandit alongside their families. 

Mini-parade for Groom’s entrance 

In Indian culture, the groom enters the venue in the form of a mini-parade consisting of his family, friends, and guests. The ceremony is called baraat or vara yatra in different parts of India. The friends and family of the groom sing and dance to show their show love and excitement for the couple’s union. 

Father of the Bride gives her away 

Just like the groom has his own style, the bride is led to the Mandap by her father, uncles, and brothers with a colourful canopy held by the males. Once they reach the Mandap, the father places the hand of his daughter into the hands of the groom. This ritual is known as Kanyadaan and is very special in Hinduism.  

Vidaai Ceremony 

Indian brides don’t leave with smiles and sparkles. Instead, an emotional Vidaai ceremony is carried out at the end of the wedding.  The bride bids a final farewell to her family. The air is filled with sentiments and tears. In most cases, the bride throws rice and coins over her head to show her appreciation towards her family for love and care they showered upon her throughout the years.  

Wedding Cake Tradition

The cake cutting ceremony is a universal moment at every wedding but if you are upholding the Portuguese tradition, then you need the delicious and delightfully almond egg cake.  This traditional rich cake comes with the traditional Portuguese egg paste filling, which is surrounded by the satisfying and deliciously ornamental almond marzipan layer. 

Enjoy An Indian Destination Wedding In Portugal 

Whether you are a resident in Portugal or want a destination wedding full of Indian traditions and cuisine in Portugal, we are here to help. Let the Lisbon Wedding Planner assist you in planning vibrant and festivities-rich wedding endeavours at the diverse and enticing venues in Portugal.

Wedding Catering in Portugal 

Whether you want an Indian Wedding or a Western Wedding Menu  we are here to take care of the catering services for you. 

Reach out and discuss your Portugal wedding catering with us. Plan to enjoy a stress-free, all-day-long worth of fun and enjoyment with a scrumptious and mouthwatering wide range of meal courses and drinks being served throughout the day. 


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Indian Wedding in Portugal - Sean & Sharon - Civil Ceremony and Reception at Arriba by the Sea

Indian Wedding in Portugal - Sean & Sharon - Civil Ceremony and Reception at Arriba by the Sea

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