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Indian Weddings in Portugal by Lisbon Wedding Planner

An Indian Wedding is typically a set of ceremonies that happen over the course of 3 days and is intended to join both sides of the family including the extended family. An Indian wedding is colorful and it isn’t any different for a destination Indian wedding in Portugal. Here at Lisbon Wedding Planner, we’ve handled a lot of Indian Weddings here in Portugal and we love them. We often have a member of our team specially assigned to help couples with their wedding from start to finish and even on the wedding day. This is because Indian weddings are usually big weddings and we want everything to run smoothly on that day. 


Why Come To Portugal for your destination Indian Wedding


Many couples come here for their Indian wedding because the climate is beautiful with lots of sunshine. The cuisine here is also top notch and the scenic landscape is a draw too. All these things come together to create the perfect canvass for your Indian destination wedding and all you have to do is contact us to help with your planning. We’ll make sure that all parts of your wedding, from Haldi to Mehndi to Kanyadaan to Thali are perfected to the last detail and your décor will be just like you’d get at home in India. 


Mixed Ceremonies


Many couples that have their Indian wedding here in Portugal often choose to mix it with other elements like a Christian ceremony or a civil ceremony. This means even more detail but fret not, Lisbon Wedding Planner is up to the task. Whether you’re holding an extremely large wedding or just having a regular big wedding, we’ve got you covered with the planning and execution. If your Indian Wedding is going to small, have no fear too we are also great at handling those and your wedding will be handled with the same passion and intensity of a large wedding. 


Why You Need Us at Lisbon Wedding Planner

For your Indian destination wedding in Portugal, you’ll need the food, decoration, venue, menu and every detail of all the ceremonies handled. You need a wedding planner on ground in Portugal who can help you handle this perfectly and be the right liaison between you and your vendors. Here at Lisbon Wedding Planner we’ve been doing just that for many years. We’ll also help you find accommodation for yourself and your numerous guests. We make sure that the accommodation is as close to the venue that you and your guests can commute without stress. 


Check the videos below to see some of the lovely Indian Weddings we’ve had at our venue:


1-  Watch this lovely video of the song Lamberghini that you can use in your destination wedding playlist. It’s a love story.


2 - Yo Yo Honey Singh would be just perfect as a song in your wedding playlist when you and your guests celebrate your Indian wedding in Portugal.


3- Nital and Varun’s wedding in Arriba by the Sea is full of partying and fun like all Indian destination weddings should be. So much culture is on display with beautiful colors too.


4- Claudia is in charge of Harpreet and James’ beautiful Indian wedding which also takes place at Arriba by the Sea. It is a beautiful ceremony which we loved. Check out snippets of it in this video.


5- Why do Indian Couples come to Portugal for their Indian Destination Wedding? This video shows you why couples from the world over love to come to Portugal for their destination wedding.


6- When Sharon and Sean have their Civil ceremony and reception at Arriba by the sea, we loved it. They also had their beautiful Indian Wedding planned by us at Lisbon Wedding Planner.


7- You’ll love the emotions on display at Sana and Sam’s wedding. It is a romantic wedding and fun wedding with the best vows we’ve heard in a while. Watch this video to find out what we mean.


8- Check out this lovely homemade Indian recipe you’ll love watching it. You should probably try making it yourself at home too.


9- Meena and Rafa’s Sikh Indian Wedding is beauty to behold. Watch a summary of the love and joy on display at this destination wedding in Portugal.


10- Another view of Hapreet and James Sikh Indian Wedding which was handled by Claudia.


11- Tasneem and Zeeshan’s wedding at The Temple and Forte da Cruz Beach Castle is just like every destination wedding planned by Lisbon Wedding Planner is. It is unique, fun and beautiful. Check out what we mean when you see this video.


12- You’ll love Anjali and James’ Indian wedding in Penha Longa just like we did. It was full of laughter, dancing and fun.


13- Did you know that India and Portugal have had historic ties for more than 500 years? Learn all about it when you watch this video.


14- Nejal and Dharmit’s Indian Wedding Ceremony is a big celebration that everyone who attended enjoyed. You’ll love watching what happened in this video.

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