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Indian Wedding Destination - Lisbon Wedding Planner


Indian Wedding Destination - Lisbon Wedding Planner
Indian Wedding Destination - Lisbon Wedding Planner
Indian Wedding Destination - Lisbon Wedding Planner



Typically an Indian Wedding is a set of various different elaborate ceremonies that come together over the course of 3 days joining both sides of the family including the extended family. Therefore one should expect a colorful and cultural extravaganza from an Indian wedding. From Haldi to Mehendi to Kanyadaan to Thali there are very different vibrant ceremonies that need to be organized to the last minimalistic detail.


However, Lisbon Wedding Planner is a team of wedding planners that have quite a bit of experience when it comes to organize Indian Destination Weddings in Portugal. Due to the fact that Indian Destination Weddings in Lisbon are usually held for a big number of guests, having a member of the Lisbon Wedding Planner to guide and help you is a great way of ensuring that everything on your special day runs smoothly!


The Portuguese climate, bright sunny rays, exquisite cuisine, and diverse landscapes is what makes Portugal so enticing for couples that are looking to have an Indian Destination Wedding in Portugal. An Indian Destination Wedding in Portugal is a colorful affair and that needs to be present in the decoration of the ceremonies, and therefore there is a lot to different details to take care of and to organize, especially when hosting a wedding for so many guests. Your Lisbon Wedding Planner will ensure that all the different features of your wedding, including the decoration, are taken care of to the utmost perfection.


A fun filled day – sometimes 3 days – with several traditions that need to be beautifully executed. Some of our Indian Destination Wedding in Portugal clients opts to mix a Hindu ceremony with a Christian or a Civilian ceremony. This creates space for a greater logistic, however we are quite used to this and we are more than ready to make your Indian Dream Destination Wedding come true. Indian Destination Weddings in Portugal are extremely large, in terms of both people and time, and usually last 2 to 3 days. An Indian Destination Wedding in Portugal can be both very simple and small, or extremely elaborate and luxurious!


There is a lot of planning involved in terms of food, decoration, venue, menus, and ceremony details, and that is why hiring a Lisbon Wedding Planner member is so crucial, for your Indian Destination Wedding in Portugal to be a success! Your planner from the Lisbon Wedding Planner team is also prepared to find the perfect accommodation for your stay before, during and after your Indian Wedding in Portugal. We can help you find accommodation for both the wedding party and other guests, and we always try to find the accommodation closest to your wedding venue to facilitate the logistics on the days.


With both our expertise and our knowledge, we are sure to execute your Indian Destination Wedding in Portugal with the utmost care, creating the most memorable experience in the most outstanding venues for you and your guests!

Indian Wedding Packages

Hindu Wedding Ceremony Package

An Hindu wedding ceremony in Portugal is possible respecting all the traditions and with family and friends gathered. To have a Hindu wedding ceremony you just have to choose your wedding destination in Portugal and Lisbon Wedding Planner will help you with all the procedures and legal issues.

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