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Casa dos Penedos


There are many reasons why couples opt for destination weddings. Some of them include freedom to be yourselves, a need to cut down on their wedding list, and a chance to see other places. Portugal is one of the popular destinations for weddings because of the ease involved in travelling here and lovely weather. The lovely beaches, historic palaces and great hospitality from the people here are also some other attractions that couples enjoy.

Sintra is one destination in Portugal that has always been able to capture the spirit of romance in a historical and vintage way. The mix between nature, the impressive architecture, and the amazing view make for a location that many couples cannot resist. Holding your destination wedding here would make it unforgettable and beautiful. You'll always smile and be enchanted every time you look at your images from the event.

Casa dos Penedos was built in 1922 by Raul Lino, who had a great passion for architecture. It is located amongst Sintra's breathtaking hills, and your wedding here would be one to remember. From the gorgeous garden and amazing rooms to the great wedding packages available at this location, here are some of the things we love about Casa dos Penedos.  

  • The Views

As you'd get from a venue set on a hill, the views from the various parts of Casa dos Penedos are magnificent. You'll be able to see the lovely Palácio de Sintra and the local village, as well as have a magnificent overview of the Atlântico.  Every wedding held at this destination is bound to take on a beautiful fairytale-like romantic quality that would make your event special. You have the greenhouse with the lush foliage, the terrace in all its open glory, and many other rooms that you could use for your wedding.  

  • The House

The Casa dos Penedos is a romantic palace-house with lovely decorations that feature elements of classic Portuguese architecture, making your wedding day look like a real-life fairytale. It has a peaceful and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Your guests will enjoy a chance to relax, have fun, and explore. 

  • The Gardens

Casa dos Penedos is home to a beautiful indoor garden, perfect for a cocktail for up to 250 guests. This garden is also well protected, so the weather will not be a problem while there. You'll love the greenery, the diverse plants, and more.

  • The Greenhouse

Have you always wanted to have your destination wedding in a garden atmosphere without having to worry about the weather? With the greenhouse at Casa dos Penedos, you totally can! This greenhouse features see-through glass walls and ceilings that will make you and your guests feel like you're outside without being exposed to the elements. The lovely plant life and greenery will also be another much-enjoyed addition to the outdoors feel. 

  • Our Wedding Packages

Here at Lisbon Wedding Planner, we will gladly help you organize your wedding at Casa dos Penedos. Destination weddings in Portugal are our speciality, and we love working with couples to make their dreams come true. Our talented team will make sure your destination wedding planning process is stress-free so that you can focus on other aspects of your life. We also offer amazing packages when it comes to this destination. You can check them out at our Casa dos Penedos wedding planning package page here

Have you been thinking of having your destination wedding in Sintra, Portugal? Lisbon Wedding Planner can take those thoughts and turn them to reality. We're very passionate and dedicated when it comes to handling weddings. We would love a chance to handle yours. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and reach out to us. We would love to hear from you. Contact us today!

Casa dos Penedos Wedding Venue - Portugal
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Casa dos Penedos Wedding Venue - Portugal
Wedding in Portugal at Casa dos Penedos Sintra  ~  by Lisbon Wedding Planner

Wedding in Portugal at Casa dos Penedos Sintra ~ by Lisbon Wedding Planner

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Casa dos Penedos Wedding Venue is a historical villa located on the breathtaking hills of Sintra, in Portugal. This wonderful castle was built in the 20th century, by the famous architect Raul Lino. The manor house was recovered recently and now it is the scene for the most beautiful weddings, that looks like a true fairytale!

This is the place for the couples who dreams to live a wedding day full of charm, peace and a bit of magic. Multiple stunning rooms, amazing outdoor spaces that can be used for a comfortable lounge for your guests. Casa dos Penedos is a versatile and pleasant venue for your big day! Contact us for more information.

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