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Quinta do Torneiro is a Historical Manor House with a contemporary Greenhouse, several function rooms ornamented with antique tiles, high ceilings, an intimate chapel, dramatic gardens and 6 bedrooms for your own accommodation.

Delivering tradition and history, dramatic outdoors, accommodation and complete privacy in just one venue.

Intimate Decoration in a "Feeling like Home" style 

Located 15 minutes from downtown Lisbon and also 15 minutes from Cascais, Sintra and Estoril


Looking for a authentic wedding destination in Portugal? With a lot of sun, outdoor spaces and also with Portuguese tiles? Do you dream with a vintage, country-rustic, shabby-chic wedding? Do you dream of an amazing and large Portuguese wedding villa where you can celebrate and accomodate your closest guests? 
Quinta do Torneiro - Wedding Villa combines dramatic sunny gardens, full privacy, the portuguese history and tradition and a contemporary greenhouse in just one venue. And even more important - in the best location possible: just 15 minutes from downtown Lisbon and 15 minutes from Cascais, Sintra and Estoril. Quinta do Torneiro is really close to everything.
Quinta do Torneiro is an historic palace with more than 200 years, surrounded by the nature, recently adapted to host your event, wedding and holiday in Portugal. A large greenhouse that faces the sunset was added to the historical rooms, taking the best advantage of the light and sun for you and for your event. 
Greenhouse of Quinta do Torneiro in Port
This Portugal Wedding Venue was decorated to evoke the romantic feeling that Portugal offers in a vintage style and with a beautiful light color palette. Offering you endless photo opportunities and the perfect scenery for your wedding in Portugal.
You can choose to do a civil ceremony on our enchanted chapel or in our amazing gardens. Then, a relaxed cocktail on the french garden can be the perfect moment for your guests gather before an amazing outdoor wedding reception.
We have prepared a few special wedding packages for your wedding at Quinta do Torneiro in Portugal, designed to help you remain as stress-free as possible. 
Here at the Quinta do Torneiro - Wedding Villa, we understand what budgeting is and what it means to the couples; which is why we love saving couples money! We can help make your wedding unique and affordable at any price. Don't hesitate to contact us and we will ask all the questions you may have!
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