Because we at Lisbon Wedding Planner, know how important it is to budget when organizing a wedding, we have come together with the most exclusive wedding packages for your  Destination Wedding in Portugal! Including all the necessary features for a successful and memorable Destination Wedding in Portugal, we have thought out of every single detail to ensure that your wedding day is nothing short of spectacular!

Wedding packages are an essential part of your wedding. They give you a breakdown of the details you’ll be spending on and for what reason you’ll need them. Lots of wedding vendors will be offering you packages for your Portugal wedding in 2021. They could include depending on the kind of wedding that you intend to have, your photographer, your entertainment company, your caterer, your wedding venue and your wedding planner. Lisbon Wedding Planner is an industry leader when it comes to planning for your destination wedding in Portugal. We can’t say much about your order vendors, but here is how an excellent wedding package is when it comes to your wedding planner and venue.

Check our packages below and book now for your dream Destination Wedding in Portugal!

Forte da Cruz Wedding Package - Lisbon Wedding Planner
Forte da Cruz Tenda
Forte da Cruz Wedding Package - Lisbon Wedding Planner
Monserrate Palace Ceremony Wedding Package in the Palace
Monserrate Palace Wedding Package in the Palace 2021 2022
Monserrate Ruins Ceremony Wedding Package Sintra Portugal 2021 2022
Fronteira Palace Wedding Pack.jpg
Fronteira Marquee.jpeg
Fronteira Palace 80 Wedding Pack.jpg
Estufa Fria Wedding Package Summer 2021 2022
Estufa Fria for Luxury Large Events and Weddings in Portugal
Estufa Fria Wedding Venue for Large Events in Lisbon
Penha Longa Summer Wedding Package in Sintra Portugal 2021 2022
Penha Longa Wedding Package  August 2021 - 2022
Penha Longa Sunday Wedding Package Portugal 2021 2022
Casa dos Penedos Wedding Venue
Casa dos Penedos Venue - Package
Casa dos Penedos Venue - Lisbon Wedding Planner
Adraga Beach Ceremony Sea View
Beach Wedding Ceremony.jpg
Adraga Beach Wedding Venue - Lisbon Wedding Planner
Lisbob Wedding Planner - Ceremony
Gremio Palace Wedding Pack.jpg
Lisbon Wedding Planner - Ceremony

Reasons why you should come to Lisbon for your Destination Wedding in Portugal


There are lots of reasons why you should come to Lisbon, Portugal for your destination wedding. One of those is that it is a magical place where you can have a unique, fun and authentic wedding full of fun. We at Lisbon Wedding Planner would love to help you plan and host your wedding here in Portugal. If you’re still trying to make up your mind, maybe these 7 reasons would help you decide. 

Ease of Travel


Portugal strategic location makes it really easy to get to from many European and American destinations. It is nestled between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean and has flights that are only about 5 to 6 hours from most East Coast cities.  There is also an efficient and clean transit system here with buses and trains that can take you almost anywhere. The tickets are quite cheap too. 

It’s Affordable

Amongst many countries in Europe, Portugal stands out as a country that is down to earth and affordable when it comes to many things. You’ll also love the affordable wedding packages we’ve put together for you here at Lisbon Wedding Planner. This means that you can get married here easily and at a price that is comfortable for you. You can also have your honeymoon here right after. 

The Food Is Amazing

Food in Portugal is fresh, flavorful and delicious, you and your guests will love it. You’ll also love how accessible, affordable, sweet and of high quality most Portuguese wine is. The desserts here are also amazing but that is not all. We only work with high-quality chefs here at Lisbon Wedding Planner so you can get any kind of intercontinental dish that you require for your wedding too. 

The Hospitality 

Portuguese people are known for their hospitality. They are friendly, welcoming towards visitors and family is of great value to them. You’ll love it here. Most of the people here also speak multiple languages and you’ll find that English is widely spoken in most of the country. The hospitality and service here are top-notch. 

A lot of Lovely Wedding Venues

There are so many incredible venues that you can get married here in Portugal. You will not have a shortage of options with us. No matter what you are looking for, whether romantic, intimate, vintage, rustic or outdoors, there is somewhere for you. You’ll find ancient crumbling castles, colorful Quintas, rolling vineyards, urban ruins, delicate gardens, coastal cliffs, soft sand beaches, and more!

Wedding Packages by Lisbon Wedding Planner

Here at Lisbon Wedding Planner, we have amazing wedding packages for you at numerous locations in Lisbon and Portugal. It includes necessities like general consultations, referrals to amazing local vendors, wedding coordination, wedding assistance, ceremony/receptions at the venue, and lots more. You can check them out on our Wedding Packages Page. In the meantime, here is a sample package for Quinta do Torneiro, one of our amazing venues. It works for wedding groups of 20 to 250 and is flexible depending on your wedding. 

Wedding Package Description

Minimum of 20 or 50 wedding guests (according to your package)

Events Maximum Capacity: 250 wedding guests

Accommodation: according to your package, maximum capacity of 16 adults


Wedding Day

On the Day Wedding Coordination

Assistance on the wedding day

Venue rental fee according to your Package

Glassware, Plates and other china, Cutlery and Utensils

Sound for the Ceremony, for the Cocktail, for the Reception

Dj, Sound System and 2 moving heads for the party

Head Waiter and Waiters

Chef and Kitchen Team

Assemblage and Disassemblage Team 

Final cleaning



Contact via email and phone

General planning consultation

Supplier referrals and contacts: hairdresser / makeup artist / photographer / video

/ transportation / celebrant / designer/ florist



Chapel Decoration or Structure with voiles

One chair per guest, for the ceremony(our models)

2 baskets wiTh petals

2 Microphones and speakers

Recorded music

Flower decoration

*Carpet is not included



Long table or round tables with tablecloth for 6 to 12 guests

Chairs (our model)

Outdoor lounge (our model)

1 bar outdoor and 1 bar indoor

1 table for gifts and cards

Printed menus 

Printed Table Number


Printed Seating plan (name tags not included)


DJ & Sound Systems

Microphones for speeches during the whole event

Ambience Music for the Ceremony, Cocktail, Reception

DJ, Sound system and LED lights for the Party (indoors only) 


Flowers in Season

Centrepieces with flowers of the season and tealights for the tables 

1 beautiful Bouquet of your choice with Flowers in season

1 Boutonnière of your choice with Flowers in season

4 Flower Arrangements for the Cocktail


Wedding Catering

Before the ceremony: waters and juices

Wedding cocktail: canapes and drinks*

Wedding meal: 4 courses or barbecue buffet and drinks*

- Coffee or tea*




FIRST COURSE (choose one):

Seafood flan with a green salad


Puff pastry of chevre with honey and walnuts served with arugula salad


Degustation of two soups (hot or cold, depending on the season)

   - Vichyssoise Watercress or Beetroot with yoghurt (cold) or

   - Peas with coriander or tomato with egg wires (hot)


SECOND COURSE (choose one):

Hake with shellfish sauce, two purees and broccoli


Monkfish with sautéed clams and prawns on a bed of vegetables


Braised Codfish (Bacalao) in a bed of spinaches, virgin oil and baked potatoes (Portuguese Recipe)


THIRD COURSE (choose one):

Roast leg of lamb, mint sauce, crispy sweet potato and vegetable bundle


Rump with wine cooked at low temperature (slow cooking), baked vegetables (cherry tomatoes, celery, red onion) and wild rice


DESSERT (choose one):

Emulsion of black chocolate and passion fruit and fresh raspberries


Red fruits soup with mango ice cream or lemon sorbet and fresh berries






“Caldo verde” soup with chorizo and cornbread


Fish soup



Main Course:

Grill with: Beef, lamb chops, chicken, pork, selection of Portuguese sausages


Crispy sweet potato, cabbage, black bean, white rice

Choice of salads


Chocolat fondue, brownies, "pasteis de nata", marshmallows and seasonal fruit

With the meal: White Wine and Red Wine, waters and juices

Coffee, tea and mignardises



Not included: desserts, fruits and cheeses buffets - extra: 20 euros per person – minimum 50 guests

Wedding Cake 

3 Layer white wedding cake and Portuguese sparkling wine*

Open Bar 

4 hours of the open bar* 

*There is no limitation on the number of drinks served per guest during the whole event

drunk guests will not be served