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Historical Beachfront Villa



Looking for an Amazing historical beachfront Villa destination in Portugal? 

This historical beachfront villa  was built in 1896 , through palm and tamarind trees,which would give origin to her name. Later, the villa was transformed into a luxury Tea Room.


This Historical beachfront Villa wedding venue is located in Estoril, one of the most beautiful coast in the world. The Estoril streets where kings, queens, princes and princesses crossed naturally with writers, painters, singers, actors and world renowned spies, echo still sounds and colors the mythical James Bond or the greatest divas of American cinema.


In this unique Portugal beachfront Wedding Venue you will flabbergast your guest with this luxurious villa. Sart you big day with this superb seaview from the large terrace. Enjoying your cocktail at sunset and contemplate the magic of the seaside during your dinner.


This villa with a breathtaking view of the sea will offer you the most beautiful shows for a chic and cozy wedding !!

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