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Because we at Lisbon Wedding Planner, know how important it is to budget when organizing a wedding, we have come together with the most exclusive wedding packages for your  Destination Wedding in Portugal! Including all the necessary features for a successful and memorable Destination Wedding in Portugal, we have thought out of every single detail to ensure that your wedding day is nothing short of spectacular!

Wedding packages are an essential part of your wedding. They give you a breakdown of the details you’ll be spending on and for what reason you’ll need them. Lots of wedding vendors will be offering you packages for your Portugal wedding in 2024/2025. They could include depending on the kind of wedding that you intend to have, your photographer, your entertainment company, your caterer, your wedding venue and your wedding planner. Lisbon Wedding Planner is an industry leader when it comes to planning for your destination wedding in Portugal. We can’t say much about your order vendors, but here is how an excellent wedding package is when it comes to your wedding planner and venue.

Check our packages below and book now for your dream Destination Wedding in Portugal!

VAT not included / TVA non incluse / IVA não incluso