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We organize your civil ceremony in the wedding venue you have chosen. It can be in a Hotel, a Restaurant, a Quinta, a Villa and in the beach. In Portugal, we can plan your civil ceremony in any venue.

To introduce your civil wedding process in a Portuguese Register Office you must deliver the following documents:


* Long Birth Certificates – You will need to get a recent copy of your birth certificate, issued not more than 6 month before the wedding date. The document has to be Apostil, this means to be authenticated by a governmental body of country where it got issued, to proof that it is a valid document of this country.



* Marriage capacity certificate – to get this document you can contact your local registry or the embassy of your country in Portugal. Some countries do not pass marriage capacity certificates, in this case you need to require a document for your registry or embassy affirming that they do not issue it. Marriage capacity certificates must also be apostil and can’t be issued not more than 6 month before the wedding date


* Other documents we need:

- Copy of your passports

- 2 witnesses - We need names, copy of passports/ID cards as well as residency address and civil status. They don’t need to be present on the day we meet the registrar.



After having all these documents ready, we will introduce your civil wedding process, and for that we will perform the following services:

  •  Translation and notarization of the Long birth certificates - 100€/each


  •  Submitting of the wedding documentation and organizing the wedding process with the obligatory presence of the couple - 200€


  •  Booking the registrar - 50€


  •  Transport costs and Transport to the registrar - 50€


  •  Wedding Certificate ( please choose one of the options)


-  Portuguese Wedding Certificate with apostil, collect and postage Fee - 100€


 - International Wedding Certificate Fee collect and postage fee - 100€


  • Registry office Fee - 200€


  •  Translator for the Ceremony in English - 200 €



Total: 1000 €


Note: Additional documents that needed translation and notarization of translation are 50 € each and collection of documents at your country embassy in Portugal - 30 €

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