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Do people call you a control-freak? Are you the person that takes care of everything or the one that makes sure everything goes exactly as planned? Great, but not so great to plan a wedding. Hiring a wedding planner is in this case the most wise and best decision, you don’t need to take care of this one. Planning a wedding is time consuming and takes a lot of energy, add in your ordinary work responsibilities and it’s enough to make even the most organized person stressed. Collaborating with a professional will not only release weight of you and your partner but gives you more time to enjoy the process. 

Let’s meet the team

Claudia Gameiro is a talented and driven professional who oversees the Lisbon Wedding Planner team, having several years of wedding planning experience, and a lot of professional qualification. By having the know-how on both how to overcome challenges together with how to create a dedicated and highly professional and efficient team, Claudia Gameiro has been leading the Wedding Planner business in the Lisbon Coastline. Together with her productive team at Lisbon Wedding Planner, Claudia has been able to host the most unforgettable destination weddings for her clients. Lisbon Wedding Planner is made up of several experienced and talented members, who all have a particular strength in an area of their work. Complementing each other’s work, and grasping the concept of teamwork, Lisbon Wedding Planner’s team is tightly united to ensure you receive the wedding that you have been dreaming of for all these years. At Lisbon Wedding Planner we will have full communication with you at all times, ensuring that you can be as hands-on with the planning of your big day as you would like to. You do not need to worry about language barriers, because not only do we have an essential list of multi-cultural contacts, but we also have knowledge of the entire wedding procedures required to marry abroad. Our team is built from a mix of fluent Portuguese and English speakers, which will make communication helpful for everyone involved in your Destination Wedding in Portugal.


What does Lisbon Wedding Planner offer?

Lisbon Wedding Planner offers you various different types of services to ensure that your Destination Wedding in Portugal is an utter success. Everything you might need, and everything you might want, the Wedding Planners dedicate themselves to present you with. They always take into account the highest quality and best price relation, to make sure that they only offer you the best possible services. Lisbon Wedding Planner is dedicated and highly involved in the whole planning process from day one. The planning process consists out of various services, like: 

Wedding Planning: planning, coordination, on the day support, communication budgeting and accompany process; 

Service Provider: all-inclusive wedding packages, wedding ceremony packages, wedding design, wedding flower design and wedding DJ;

Services Finder: supplier search & recommendation, venue finder, wedding photography & video, wedding cake, wedding dresses, make up & hairstyling and entertainment. 

How does Lisbon Wedding Planner operate?

After Lisbon Wedding Planner (LWP) received your email with your request, the wedding planning process has already begun. It is possible that you have enquiry the desired venue immediately, but it is also possible that you don’t have a clue about the different locations. If the last one’s the case, the wedding planners inform you and will make an appointment to visit the sites. After the personal meeting and the visitation of the venues, a choice has been made which venue will be your wedding location. As soon as the booking confirmation is settled LWP can start personalizing and planning your wedding in detail. The wedding sheet is the guideline throughout the whole planning process. In this file the customers can fill in their ambitions, ideas or notes. The file is built up with the administrational part: stay dates, wedding date, menu choice, nr. of guests and nr. of staff and a time schedule of the wedding day. After that, the itinerary of the day is shortly presented and is followed by the menu choices and the decorations and wishes for the different parts of the day: welcoming of the guests, ceremony, cocktail, dinner, cake and disco. Next to all these aspects of the planning process, the wedding planners are also there to help you with the right documentary to marry abroad.

Time has passed on while organizing the wedding sheet, back-and-forth contact, tastings has been arranged and the food has been chosen, it is almost time for the wedding day.  On the wedding day the wedding planner is present to coordinate, steer and regulate the day. 


Lisbon Wedding Planner selects only the best suppliers

Besides the coordination and planning of the day it is important that the arranged things come to life. Over the years Lisbon Wedding Planners has built close work relations with florists, DJ’s, make up & hairstylists, technicians, caterers and other third parties to make sure only the best is served at your special day. 

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