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Guide to Your Wedding at Estufa Fria Venue in Lisbon Portugal

Estufa Fria is an important and beautiful venue in the city of Lisbon. If you've been picturing a destination wedding that features the outdoors and lots of greenery, this is the place for you. Couples that choose this location do so for many reasons. Some of them include the beauty of this place and the fact that you can feel very close to nature here. We at Lisbon Wedding Planner love Estufa Fria. We thought we share a few tips, and this general guide on what getting married at this venue looks like.

History & Location

Also known as the Lisbon Garden, this venue is near the Parque Eduardo VII and occupies about one and a half hectare of land. This land was initially an area where basalt was mined, but that stopped when a water source was discovered in the place. It was then used to shelter botanical species from around the world that were used in Avenida da Liberdade which is adjacent. In 1926, painter and renowned architect Raul Carapinha conceived of the idea of a greenhouse at that site. He was surprised by the pleasantness of the space and thought it would be just perfect as a greenhouse. So, began the journey that has led to this location being one of the best wedding venues in Lisbon. Couples combine the rich and varied natural environment at this place for their wedding. Many other large events are also held here.

Estufa Fria Wedding Venue

Estufa Fria is a venue where you, your partner, and your guests can enjoy a lovely time by the pool, waterfalls, creeks, statues and countless plant species from around the world. For your wedding, you can use its massive and lovely multipurpose venue to bring a touch of glamour, power, and mystic to your event. It has a lovely design, and its beauty will mean that you can spend less on decorations as the natural surrounding is already gorgeous! Estufa Fria has been a place to reckon with since the 1950s, and you'll have a great time here.  

Estufa Fria Wedding Packages

Lisbon wedding planner can be the local-based planner that you need for your wedding in Portugal. We love to help make couples have the wedding they've always dreamed of. We also have lots of amazing wedding packages for great venues like Estufa Fria. They include wedding coordination, general wedding consultations, décor, referrals to great vendors, and more. You can check this package at the Estufa Fria Wedding Package page. We would love for you to host your wedding here.

Here at Lisbon Wedding Planner, we take your vision for your destination wedding in Portugal and turn it into reality. Our team is made up of talented and experienced wedding planners with good eyes for details. If you've been thinking of having your destination wedding in Portugal, you should reach out to us. Contact us today!  


The Lisbon Garden is one of the most important venues that exist in the city of Lisbon. The whole place occupies about one and half hectare of land nearby the Parque Eduardo VII. This venue was built on a hold quarry from where basal was extracted in the XIX. The pit was used to shelter botanical species from all around the world, that would be soon used in the arborization plan of the adjacent avenue "Avenida da Liberdade" in Lisbon. In 1926, the painter and architect Raul Carapinha was surprised to find this pleasant space and thought it would be a good idea to establish a Greenhouse at the site.

This multifaceted venue is the perfect place for whoever wants a wedding combining a very rich and varied natural environment, this venue is also indicated for big meeting events.

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Estufa Fria Large Group

Wedding Possibilities at Estufa Fria 

Garden locations like Estufa Fria naturally feel slightly relaxed, but they can still be just as glamorous, creative, and stylish for any wedding. Garden weddings are perfectly suited to couples who love the outdoors and want some peace too. The styling opportunities for a wedding at this location are numerous. Here are two other kinds of weddings that you can also hold at this location:

A Classic White Wedding

A sophisticated white wedding at Estufa Fria? Sign us up! There will be one word that will come to mind when anybody is describing your ceremony: outstanding! It is a timeless wedding theme, and you can be assured that your wedding will have the wow factor. Your photos will be gorgeous too. You can't go wrong with this wedding theme. For your décor, you can have big bows tied to the chairs at your reception and a beautiful bouquet featuring plants from the garden itself.

A Boho Chic Wedding

It does not get better than a vintage-inspired greenhouse wedding in Portugal. It will be a memorable event you won't forget. Boho chic weddings have grown in popularity over the years, and having one in a history-rich country like Portugal is a great idea. This venue's calm and relaxing atmosphere is another reason it would be a perfect fit for your boho chic wedding.

Hire Lisbon Wedding Planner for your Wedding at Estufa Fria

When planning your destination wedding, many things need to be arranged. This will not be easy if you have never done it before. A local wedding planner who is on the ground can help you have a stress-free time planning your destination wedding. They'll tell you which vendor must be urgently booked and which to avoid. They would also already have a good connection with your venue and the vendors so they can get you good discounts. They'll also save you the miles of travelling back and forth. They'll also oversee all arrangements and preparations while staying in contact for the whole time. More importantly, your wedding planner can attend every issue which may arise.