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WEDDING in Portugal?

From memorable moments, to unforgettable views and breathtaking venues, amazing beaches and romantic Palaces Lisbon is the ideal country to host your Destination Wedding in Portugal and honeymoon. Offering everything you need from incredible hospitality and exquisite high quality service, Portugal is a destination you just cannot refuse. 

The Best Venue for Your Wedding in Portugal for you is...

Your wedding day is amongst the most important days of your life. Now that you’re engaged, you probably can’t help but spend all your free time thinking about that day. We at Lisbon Wedding Planner understand precisely how that feels. One of the thoughts would have probably focused on your wedding venue and location. Especially if you have plans for a destination wedding in Portugal. Your wedding location is at the centre of all that concerns your wedding. The look, feel, tone, and atmosphere at your wedding depends a lot on your destination.


Before you jump into choosing from amongst our many Portuguese wedding venues, here are some tips to take into consideration


Portugal and its Geographical Location

One of the questions that might come to your mind is why Portugal? Well, our answer is, why not? From lovely miles and miles of coastline to the beautiful culture and people, Portugal is like a hidden gem in Europe. It is the most western point of Europe, which means it is on average only 2.30 hours from any other European Country. Combine these with low-cost flights, and breathtaking views since the Atlantic Ocean almost surrounds it, and you might start to see why most couples love this place. Read more about Why Portugal for your Destination Wedding.

Professional Help

Once you have decided on Portugal as your Wedding Destination, contact Lisbon Wedding Planner for someone professional ready to help you with the planning of your wedding and your wedding location? Lisbon Wedding Planner is more than ready to help you organize your wedding, and our lovely venues are the best for your wedding in Portugal. 

Lisbon Wedding Planner is a mature company, operating since 2012 that offers a wide selection of exclusive top-quality venues in the best locations of Portugal more specifically in Lisbon, Sintra, Estoril and Cascais. 

Wedding Style

Have you decided what kind of event you want yet? Will it be formal or informal? How about your wedding theme? Will you be going for a rustic, classic, romantic, boho wedding style? Beach, Palace or garden wedding?  Historical or contemporary wedding venue? Based on these elements, will it be necessary for your wedding to be held in the day or at night? Is not having a garden venue pose a severe problem? The answers to these questions and others like it can be very vital for your destination wedding. Read more about Trendy Wedding Styles in Portugal

Guest Count

How many people are you anticipating for your wedding? Will you need a venue with a big space or one with a smaller intimate space? This is crucial information because some venues have limited capacity, for example, Monserrate Palace is amazing but just seats up to 60 guests. Have information like this ready so that you can get the best location for your wedding in Portugal taking into consideration the number of os guests. Knowing your guest count will also help you with your budget planning which takes us to the next point. 

Price Matters - The Wedding Packages 

The estimated guest count will allow calculating the estimated costs of the wedding. Lisbon Wedding Planner truly believes that showing prices is a facilitator. The stress-free Wedding Packages were created to help and to guide you with easy calculations.  Check all our Portugal Wedding Packages

The Weather Factor - Plan B options 

Knowing what weather to expect is vital when planning an outdoor wedding. Portugal has excellent weather for most of the year and many hours of the sun. Still, an excellent location will also provide you with a plan B and Lisbon Wedding Planner refuses to work without a Plan B.  Knowing the estimated weather will also help you to give useful tips like “Come along with sunglasses” to your guests.

Your Wedding Date

If the venue you are considering is already booked for the date of your wedding, then it can’t be the best location for you. Make sure the place that you settle on has your date free and is ready to host you and your guest. We at Lisbon Wedding Planners are more than prepared to help you with this task and all others where your wedding is concerned.

Food and Alcohol Quality

The quality of the food and the drinks served at your wedding is a big deal. Mainly because a substantial amount of your wedding bill goes to your feeding. The best location for your wedding in Portugal is one that will handle your food setup and presentation correctly and not have a problem with the menu that you request. We at Lisbon Wedding Planner always ensure that the caterer for your wedding is up to standard so you’ll have no worries where food is concerned about your wedding.

Staff Are Just as Important

The staff’s attitude at your wedding venue can take your wedding from being the fun wedding you planned to an annoying one. This is very crucial to the making and breaking of your event. They can make your guests feel at home if they’re adequately trained and offer great hospitality. It’s one of the things we pay attention to and aim for here at Lisbon Wedding Planner.

An elegant wedding venue makes an immense contribution to a good wedding in Portugal. It also provides lasting memories for the bride and groom. Here at Lisbon Wedding Planner, we make the selection of your wedding location seriously and handle your wedding with great care too. Contact us today!

The Wedding Packages 

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