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*church donation can be added and ceremony planning isn’t included in this fee


A Church Wedding Ceremony in Portugal is a religious celebration that are held in a church or chapel nearby your wedding venue. It is important to share with us your religion and if you decided already for a church.

To organize a catholic wedding ceremony (with or without Mass) in a Portuguese Church you must deliver the following documents. Ask your parish to assist you with all the documents below:


Formal letter from your parish priest, where he certify that he knows and allows you to get marry in a Portuguese Church. It is important that he writes the Portuguese Church Name, address, country and wedding date. This letter needs to be written on the headed paper of your parish.


Formal letter from Bishop of the parish - your priest should obtain a letter from the Bishop of the parish stating the same as the first point and this letter should also be written on headed paper. This document must certify that there is no impediment to get marry in (Name of Portuguese Church) and Wedding Date This letter needs to be written on the letterhead paper of your Bishop’s office.


Prenuptial Inquiry form - It is the prenuptial investigation that includes your dates, names and general religious data which your priest completes together with you. The document must be stamped by the local Bishop’s

office (not just your priest) and be issued by the archdiocese of your city/town.


Catholic Certificates - certificates of baptism, first communion and confirmation must be sent with the Prenuptial inquiry and formal letter mentioned above with the Bishop’s stamp.


Civil Marriage Certificate – you must send it or we can delivery for you a copy of your civil marriage certificate in the Church, however you must bring the original when you come to Portugal. Note: US citizens must bring wedding license and original certificate that you are legally married.


Witnesses – most of the Portuguese priests you ask you for 2 witnesses, so you should give witnesses’ names/addresses/civil status.


For not Catholic Wedding Ceremonies you need for your local Bishop or ask your parish to issued “Permission of mixed religions” to state that the marriage can be performed by the Portuguese Church.


The following steps are only apply to couples that has never been married previously. The Portuguese priest or Curia has final say on granting official permission for your church wedding in Portugal after seeing the paperwork.


Meanwhile to guarantee the Portuguese Church you have chosen, so we will perform the following services:

  •  Booking Church –150€


  • Booking Priest – 150€


  • Planning of church ceremony – 200 € (you may also plan the ceremony by yourselves directly with the priest)


Total: 500 € * (planning not included)



1) Flowers for the church have additional costs, it will depend on the flowers you wish.

2) *Some Portuguese churches ask for a donation for the Church and Priest and this can be added to the package value.

3) If the priest doesn’t speak English or other language you prefer, you will need a Translator for the ceremony.

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