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Real Wedding Videos by Lisbon Wedding Planner

Making sure that you find ways to preserve your destination wedding memories for years to come is very important. With how beautiful your event will be, you’ll definitely want to have great memories of it. One thing we at Lisbon Wedding Planner do when you hire us to help you plan your destination wedding in Portugal is that we work closely with every vendor and make sure that they offer you quality service and on time too. A videographer is one of the vendors we work with who can help you preserve memories of the event. So how do you know that the videographer we’ll be getting for you is a good one, here are some of the details we’ll pay attention to and handle. 

On this page you’ll find at least three videos each of the following wedding venues: Quinta do Torneiro, The Quinta- My Vintage Wedding Portugal, Monserrate Palace, Forte da Cruz, Arriba by the Sea, Marques de Fronteira and 3 Indian wedding ceremonies that we’ve planned and hosted. You can trust us with your wedding in Portugal too.

  • Quinta do Torneiro - Wedding Videos

Quinta do Torneiro is a gorgeous location for your wedding in Portugal with impressive onsite accommodation. As you can see from Cristiana & Luis, Sonia & Ludovic, and Jordana & Emre weddings, this space can be customized to fit your dream wedding. While Cristiana & Luis had a mostly outdoor lovely celebration and retired to the party's indoor space, Sonia & Ludovic chose to use the terrace and indoor space for their gorgeous celebration. Jordana & Emre also use the terrace for their wedding ceremony, but you can see how different it is from the Sonia & Ludovic wedding. They also take wedding pictures in the well-maintained grounds around the Quinta. Gorgeous weddings, all three of them!

  • The Quinta - My Vintage Wedding Portugal

Hidden in Sintra's beautiful city, you will enjoy every bit of your wedding at The Quinta- My Vintage Wedding Portugal as much as the three couples in this video did theirs. Emily & Chris, Angelica & Charlie, and Caterina & Manuel are the couples whose wedding videos you'll find here. Emily & Chris have a lovely wedding ceremony and then sneak away to Adraga beach, which is nearby for some amazing pictures. They then come back to the Quinta for their beautiful reception. Angelica & Charlie hold their full wedding, including photoshoots at The Quinta, and it is also a gorgeous and unique ceremony. Caterina & and Manuel first have a catholic ceremony and then return to the Quinta for their celebration. It is completely outdoors, and you can just see the venue come alive in the night. It's a beauty to behold.

  • Monserrate Palace – Wedding  Videos

The first wedding feature for Monserrate Palace is the destination Chinese wedding of Angel & Joel. You have to see the beauty of this one! From the Chinese ceremony to the exchange of the rings and the reception. We loved this wedding. Catherine & Ben's wedding is fun, luxurious, and even more fun. It's a party in every sense of the word, and the amazing atmosphere of Monserrate Palace is just what they needed for this wedding to be so beautiful. Sanna & Sam's wedding is a story of love that you can see from their video. The lovely surroundings of Monserrate Palace bring the beauty of their wedding to light, and even their Videographer approves.