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*church donation can be added and ceremony planning isn’t included in this fee


If you aren’t married legally in your resident country, you must do it in Portugal so you can get married in a Portuguese Church.

In this case you must consider and deliver documents describe in the Civil Wedding Package and in the Church Wedding Package (without civil). The civil documents should be introduced in the registry office and after the registrar accepts it, we can plan the church wedding with the priest.

Services required:


  •  Translation and notarization of the Long birth certificates - 100€/each


  •   Submitting of the wedding documentation and organizing the wedding process with the obligatory presence of the couple - 100€


  •  Booking of registrar - 50€


  •  Transport costs - 50€


  •  Wedding Certificate ( please choose one of the options)

- Portuguese Wedding Certificate with apostil, collect and postage Fee - 100€


- International Wedding Certificate Fee collect and postage fee - 100€


  •  Registry office Fee - 120€


  •  Booking Church – 150€


  •  Booking Priest – 150€


Total: 920 € *


Extras that you can acquire (aren’t included):

1) Planning of church ceremony – 150€ (you may also plan the ceremony by yourselves directly with the priest)

2) Church Flowers

3) Translator for the ceremony – 200€

*Some Portuguese churches ask for a donation for the Church and Priest and this can be added to the package value – 100€ to 200€

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