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Bollywood Wedding Songs for your Indian Wedding in Portugal

Bollywood Wedding Songs for your Indian Wedding in Portugal Indian weddings have been on the map for quite some time now.

From celebrity Indian weddings like those of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra to other lovely destination Indian weddings we’ve planned here in Portugal we’re a huge fan of them. So that’s how we know that songs are the heart and soul of every Indian wedding. Right from the Mehndi to the Vidaai, all the ceremonial parts of the Indian wedding require good music.


That’s why we thought that we should share with you this great list of Bollywood wedding songs that you can use for your wedding. Don’t forget that we have great experience in handling destination Indian Weddings here in Portugal and you should contact us at Lisbon Wedding Planner for yours. Each ceremony that makes up the Indian wedding is special and so requires its own kind of music. Here are some tips on that from us here at Lisbon Wedding Planner and some of the great songs that you can use. The Mehndi Function This is one of the most intimate function at an Indian wedding. It is the occasion that kicks off the actual wedding itself so you need to have the right music for it. The tunes should be melodic and you also need to have music that is crazy enough to bring a dance off on. Add some sweet songs for the parents and watch the emotions flow at your ceremony too.

The Sangeet Nights Bollywood has some amazing songs that you can use for the power packed sangeet night at your Indian wedding. The songs for this night have to be top party numbers that are enough to uplift the mood of your guests and get everyone dancing. Sangeet night is the night for partying. Your Cocktail Party Music is a huge requirement to keep your guests occupied and happy at your cocktail party. The food is also important and we’ve got that covered too because Lisbon Wedding Planner only works with venues that have the best chefs. You’ll need songs that can get your guests into the celebratory mood here too. Your Wedding reception You just have to get it right when it comes to the songs for your Indian wedding reception.


No boring song is allowed at any point. You can kick off the night with some love and devotion songs and you’ll also need to give your guests soft music for their dinner. But after dinner, it’s party time so the songs that you choose have to reflect that and set the dance mood right for the night. Check out this list of trending and fun Bollywood songs that we’ve created. They’ll be sure to get your guests excited and participating in your wedding. Everyone may love different songs, but the songs we’ve chosen here will keep most of your guests happy and ready to celebrate your wedding with you.

Bollywood Wedding Songs | Marriage Songs | Shaadi Ke Gaane | शादी के  गाने | Romantic Songs

Bollywood Wedding Songs | Marriage Songs | Shaadi Ke Gaane | शादी के गाने | Romantic Songs

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