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Destination Golf Wedding


Dreaming of a different and outstanding wedding for your destination wedding in Portugal? Consider a destination golf wedding in Lisbon and as the name already reveals: combine golf with a wedding! While reading this you are probably thinking how can that be arranged? Don’t worry, Lisbon Wedding Planner is here to help you organizing and planning to make sure your dream will come true… 

First of all, meet Lisbon Wedding Planner. Claudia Gameiro is a talented and driven professional who oversees the Lisbon Wedding Planner team, having several years of wedding planning experience, and a lot of professional qualification. By having the know-how on both how to overcome challenges together with how to create a dedicated and highly professional and efficient team, Claudia Gameiro has been leading the Wedding Planner business in the Lisbon Coastline. Together with her productive team at Lisbon Wedding Planner, Claudia has been able to host the most unforgettable destination weddings for her clients.


Ok, enough information and enough trust? Let’s talk about the practical issues of arranging a wedding and in particular a destination golf wedding. Organizing such a wedding involves good time management and creativity. In the following list there’s a guideline for how to organize a destination golf wedding! 

Follow the guideline and have the best experience ever! 


  • Find your golf course, check? You already have your destination venue. 

  • Hotel at the golf location? Great, accommodation arranged! 

  • The ceremony options: 
       Driving range 
    Covered terrace 

  • Reception, stay at the same place. Easy and convenient. 

  • Dinner at hotel or clubhouse: yay, still at one venue. 

  • Party: any location of the venue. 

Moreover, the driving range is an excellent idea in terms practical issues like the accessibility for example for assembling and disassembling, catering and the decoration team. In addition, the bathroom facilities are nearby too. Very important to include in your concept planning! 

Recommended schedule
Ceremony: 5:00 PM 
Cocktail: 6:00 – 7:30 PM 
Dinner: 7:30 – 10:00 PM
Party: 10:00 – 1:00 AM 

Why this schedule? Prices become more affordable with this time schedule since the golf course doesn’t need to close the entire golf course just for you. Next to that, the sunsets are starting late in Portugal: hello wonderful light! 

The guideline above is very limited and incomplete, but with the help of Lisbon Wedding Planner the above marks will elaborate into a fairy tale which comes to live. Be the first, be different and special! Have your destination golf wedding in greater Lisbon and let Lisbon Wedding Planner make your dreams come true! 

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