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Nowadays, couples are looking for a personal civil wedding ceremony and to accomplish this wish, we recommend a symbolic and civil wedding celebration.

This option allows you to complement the civil ceremony with the symbolic ceremony before or after the civil one.

For the civil and symbolic wedding ceremony package you must deliver documents described in the Civil Wedding Package and consider total value from both packages.


  •  Translation and notarization of the Long birth certificates - 100€/each


  •  Submitting of the wedding documentation and organizing the wedding process with the obligatory presence of the couple  - 200€


  • Booking of registrar - 50€


  •  Transport costs and Transport for the registrar - 50€


  • Wedding Certificate ( please choose one of the options)


- Portuguese Wedding Certificate with apostil, collect and postage Fee - 100€


- International Wedding Certificate Fee collect and postage fee - 100€


* Registry office Fee - 200€


* Celebrant and Translator for the Ceremony - 300 €


* Planning Fee and wedding script – 100 €


Total: 1200 €


Payment conditions: All wedding ceremony packages are subject to a confirmation Fee of 50 % of total value – The confirmation Fee is non- refundable The final planning Fee is due till the day we meet the registrar or paid in cash at the wedding day. Prices subject to alteration without prior advice.

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