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For Your Wedding in Portugal

At Lisbon Wedding Planner we offer you various different types of services to ensure that your Destination Wedding in Portugal is an utter success. Everything you might need, and everything you might want, we dedicate ourselves to present you with. We always take into account the highest quality and best price relation, to make sure that we only offer you the best possible services. Your wedding day is as much a dream to you as it is to us, as we love the whole preparation that goes into making your Destination Wedding in Portugal come into reality.


At Lisbon Wedding Planner we make it our mission to be extremely involved in the whole wedding planning process from day one. In the middle of the enormous amount of tasks we also hire all the necessary suppliers, plan every single feature to the last detail, and we are in charge of the coordination on the actual day of your wedding in Portugal. We oversee everything during the day ensuring that it runs smoothly. Whilst you are getting ready, we are running around checking that everything is right and on time for your destination wedding in Portugal.

























We offer the widest array of wedding packages that vary per venue. However, all wedding packages are all-inclusive and include literally everything that you will need to host your destination wedding in Portugal. From ceremony to your cocktail, from your reception to your disco and your stay in Portugal, all areas are included in these wedding packages. We have also worked hard to provide you with the most efficient and friendly prices for your destination wedding in Portugal. To ensure that your wedding is nothing short of perfection, our wedding packages in Portugal also offer our on the day coordination service so that you can enjoy your day.

In Portugal we are abble to organize any type of wedding ceremony. From a Catholic, Civil, Hindu, or Symbolic wedding ceremony in Portugal, at Lisbon Wedding Planner we offer all types of wedding ceremonies including vow renewals. We love the diversity and multicultural aspect of our clients, and enjoy organizing ceremonies that fit each and every culture! Therefore, no matter what your religion, or what it is you wish for, we have contacts with almost all religious entities, to ensure that you have the ceremony that you have always wanted. Also, most of our contacts are bilingual and extremely friendly, allowing you and your guests to be completely involved in said wedding ceremony in Portugal. With our expertise and experience we can gather and organize all the necessary documentation for your civil wedding, wether you are a portuguese citizen or from any part of the world. If it is not a civil wedding we will also arrange all the necessary procedures so that you can have your unique and personalized wedding ceremony in Portugal.

At Lisbon Wedding Planner we offer a variety of wedding ceremony packages to facilitate your wedding ceremony in Portugal. From a civil wedding package, a civil and symbolic wedding package, simply just a symbolic wedding package, to any religious wedding packages, we offer all the different wedding ceremony options possible to ensure that your day is a success. Our all-inclusive wedding ceremony packages are made to ensure that we can organize and coordinate your ceremony to the utmost perfection, as well as to ensure that all details are covered, and nothing is left out!



When thinking about your wedding decoration at your Destination Wedding in
Portugal, firstly you have to decide on a wedding theme; from vintage to boho to luxury or even a seasonal wedding, there are several options for you to choose from. Once you have decided on a theme, our in house designers will meet with you to discuss how you can bring that theme to life through your wedding decorations. Your wedding decorations in Portugal will be prominent in all three areas of your wedding: wedding ceremony in Portugal, wedding reception in Portugal, and your wedding party in Portugal. Our in house wedding designers in Portugal can assist you in each diverse area of your wedding in Portugal, to guarantee the quality of the choices made in terms of wedding decoration, as well ensuring that the originality of your theme concept is maintained. The limit on your wedding can go as far as your creativity and we are more than pleased to assist you through all areas of your wedding decoration for your Destination Wedding in Portugal.

We at Lisbon Wedding Planner have access to a set of privileged locations for you to host your Destination Wedding in Portugal. We also have partnerships with both hotels, which can be rented in exclusivity whilst implementing your wedding in Portugal, and a private estate that is a dream venue for its vintage appeal and proximity to the beach. Whether you wish for an urban, beach or countryside wedding, we have all the different types of exclusive venues on offer that will fit your preferences for your wedding in Portugal.


The wedding design is the aspect of your destination wedding in Portugal as a whole. From the wedding reception table including, dishes, cutlery, and napkins, to the flowers plastered around your wedding venue in Portugal, your wedding design is the face that you show your guests, and therefore it is a direct reflection of your personality. The wedding design goes hand in hand with our wedding theme, as it is through the theme that you will be able to select the differen pieces for your wedding design. If you like brighter colors, or Aztec prints, hippie smiley’s or even beach vibes, you can choose to implement these at your destination wedding in Portugal, through your wedding design. Our in house designers will aid you in planning your wedding design through mood boards and social networks such as Pinterest. Once you have showed us your vision, we will work tirelessly to ensure that your vision comes to life for your destination wedding in Portugal, ensuring that your wedding in Portugal is unique.


The Wedding Flowers design are usually one of the most important part of your Destination Wedding Decoration. They are the mirror or your personality and taste, being also the representation of your emotional side. They are a simple way of ensuring of you having either an elegant, vintage, colorful, or neutral wedding in your wedding venue destination. You can go all out with your wedding flowers, or choose to have a smaller array. Your wedding theme is extremely crucial here, as it defines the style, the size, the color and the amount of flowers that you would like to implement at your wedding in Portugal. We can give you essential wedding planning advice and our expertise when it comes to setting your flower design.


Be sure to have your dreamed wedding make up and hair stylling in your destination wedding in Portugal, you will be looking your best in your day! Lisbon Wedding Planner has some of the best contacts when it comes to Make Up and Hair Styling for your Destination Wedding in Portugal to ensure that you look as beautiful as possible for your big day. You will be in the hands of professionals who work to put you looking your best. You can choose to have a simple and delicate make up or to have a more defined and strong make up. However, whichever you choose, we are sure you will look stunning in the hands of our contacts – only the best in wedding styling.


Food is a large part of any wedding day, and we know how important it is to get it down to perfection. Lisbon Wedding Planner offers different wedding menus thought out for every different preference and budget, as well as open bar for you and your guests. From buffets to three course meals and traditional Portuguese delicacies to modern cuisine; we will organize your wedding reception together with renowned wedding catering companies– who will supply you with food that appeals to your eyes and taste. The quality of food in Portugal is of extreme high quality, and is known worldwide for its caliber. From extremely tender meat, to fascinatingly fresh fish, food is a huge part of the Portuguese culture.


Being in the business we know some of the best wedding photographers in Portugal who are able to capture all the different moments at your Destination Wedding in Portugal in the most sincere, and non-evasive way. They will offer you a collection of beautiful photographs containing the most memorable moments of your wedding day in Portugal. From your getting ready session to the disco party, they will be capturing all the exclusive moments from start to finish.


From balloon releasing to balloon decorations, balloons are ever so present in various weddings. Some clients choose to release them during the cocktail hour, or during the cake cutting, whilst others like to decorate their venues with balloons.

There are so many different ways of implementing balloons during your destination wedding in Portugal, and all of them will greatly enhance your wedding day. Whichever type and color of balloons that you would like for your big day, we are more than pleased to find and purchase them for you.


Through our several years of experience, we have gained a new maturity and pride ourselves with delivering a huge amount of etiquette and protocol throughout your journey at our company. We always behave and assure ourselves that our staff behaves in reference to the polite and social standards, and according to a code of correct conduct. Protocol and Etiquette are huge part of every event. Therefore, we work hard to ensure that this is evident with our standards, and that you have the best experience at your wedding day in Portugal.


Having our own DJ/Band is easier as they can speak directly to our clients about exactly what type of music they would want played at your wedding in Portugal. We only deal with professionals who have a huge pleasure and knowledge of the music world, ensuring that they will play only the best songs at your wedding. You can choose the style, era and type of music you would like played and at what moments, and your DJ or band will be there to ensure all of the different magical moments at your Destination Wedding in Portugal are accompanied by the best music.


We pride ourselves in having a wide array of contacts of stunning wedding dress boutiques, so that if it is you choice to buy an exclusive wedding dress here, then not to worry as we are here to help with that as well! Not only are prices cheaper in Portugal for wedding dresses, but we can also find you the best boutiques and wedding dress designers according to your style and preference for your wedding attire. If you find that you would like this service, please contact us so that we can send you some links and names, and aid you in that mission as well!


At Lisbon Wedding Planner, our clients have exclusive access to a wedding website tool by ZankYou Weddings. Say goodbye to papers, as you say hello to an organized, personalized, and systematic way of organizing your destination wedding in Portugal. You can have registry lists, wedding contributions, guest lists, and more in your wedding website! You can also choose which contents you want to share with your guests, to ensure that they know what to expect from your destination wedding in Portugal! This, together with our help and services, will ensure that all the different details of your destination wedding in Portugal are taken care of!


Wedding Cakes are such a crucial part of any wedding, and are a prominent part of the day. Therefore, we have contacts with best pastry designers and wedding caterers to provide you with a gorgeous wedding cake to make everyone present jealous. You can choose one flavor or more, round or square, multi or single layered, and with any style of design to fit your taste! If you are looking for ideas, check out our Pinterest (Lisbon Wedding Planner) for wedding cake suggestions!


Save the Date cards, invitations, thank you cards, wedding reception menus, place cards, ceremony programs, and any other stationary involved throughout your wedding day is another great way of maintaining your wedding theme coherent throughout your Wedding Day in Portugal. At Lisbon Wedding Planner, our in house designers can offer you the most unique and individual stationary, keeping it hand in hand with your theme. They will professionally design according to the meetings held with you, considering only your thoughts and wishes for your wedding stationary design!


After the big day there are several different features that you might like us to organize. Some clients like to have a full barbecue organized as a thank you for their guests, whilst others prefer a small lunch for their closest family members, or even a farewell cocktail to those who have travelled a long way to be present at your Destination Wedding in Portugal. We also can offer some recommendations in terms of Honey Moon Ideas in Portugal. However, whatever your preference, we will ensure to organize you a great goodbye event the day after your big day!

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