Historical Beach Castle



Pack Forte da Cruz small.jpg
Pack Forte da Cruz.jpg

This magnificiant historical beach castel is situated on the Estoril Coast, one of the most beautiful, noble and cosmopolitan areas of Portugal.

The proximity to the sea, the fine golden sand beaches, the magnificent hotels, the beautiful villas and palaces, the museums, makes this place unique and unforgettable. Also its famous Casino, which inspired the secret agent 007 James Bond offers today the most varied leisure and cultural offerings.


This stunning Portugal beach Wedding Venue  will flabbergast your guest with this beautifull entry. Sart you big day with your ceremony in front of the Sea. Enjoying your cocktail on this superb seaview from the large terrace at sunset and contemplate the magic of the seaside during your dinner, under the marquise.


This historical beach castle wedding venue for your wedding destination is Portugal with a breathtaking view of the sea will offer you the most beautifull wedding memories !!


Portugal Wedding
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