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Forte da Cruz Beach Castle Wedding Venue


Have you been considering an elegant wedding in Portugal but can’t seem to make up your mind? Then let us introduce you to one of the best locations for your destination wedding. It is the Forte da Cruz Beach Castle.


Situated on the Tamariz beach in Estoril, you and your guest will enjoy Portugal to its fullest here. You see, Portugal is a location with a fantastic climate.


There is sunshine for most of the year, meaning that you can plan a fun outdoor wedding without being too worried about the weather. When you get an opportunity like this, a beach wedding makes the most sense. The relaxed and intimate atmosphere would mean you and your guests would have an experience that you can’t forget.

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Forte da Cruz offers you a chance for that. The expansive coastline of Tamariz beach in Estoril on which this beach castle is located has an extensive coastline. Most of it is still not tampered with, and it is covered with lovely white sand. The ocean also makes a beautiful view in the background. Contact us today!

The History

This lovely castle was built in the 17th century on orders by the Portuguese monarchy. It was constructed to provide security to the wealthy class while enjoying their summer vacation at the lovely beach. It is now a luxury venue that is ideal for both a large and a small wedding. Which will you be having?  Contact us today!

The Location

The town of Lisbon, where this wedding venue is located, is also ideal when it comes to destination weddings in Portugal. Forte da Cruz is just 20 minutes from the Lisbon Airport, making it easily accessible to couples coming from all over Europe. It is a beautiful region of Portugal where you’ll get to see many historical sights and natural beauties. The people are also very hospitable and love weddings so you’ll have a great time. Details like these and others are what Lisbon a booming location when it comes to destination weddings. It would be best if you did not miss an opportunity to have your wedding here.  Contact us today!


The Wedding Venue

Forte da Cruz offers lots of fantastic facilities for your destination wedding in Portugal. It has a beautiful ceremony area, and you can have your cocktail hour on a terrace that overlooks the sea. It also has a spacious disco room where you and your guests can party and a large tent for your wedding dinner too. Do you have guests coming from the locality? Parking is not also a problem as it has a functional parking area. In fact, the whole castle is crafted towards making your stay relaxing memorable. You’ll enjoy its elegant touch. 


The magnificent tent at Forte da Cruz can seat up to 200-250 guests on the oceanfront. The historical rooms can seat up to 80-100 guests too, and you’ll be amazed by everything that this venue has to offer. You see, Tamariz beach is not the only beauty close by here. It is also surrounded by Sintra Mountains, national parks, golf courses, art museums, and even other castles, including Villa Tamariz utopia. Contact us today!


Our Wedding Packages

We design, plan, and coordinate tailor-made packages for Forte da Cruz beach castle wedding venue. All our packages are pocket friendly, and you’ll get good value for your money. We also have a personal approach to handling your wedding and assure you of a wedding by authenticity, romance, creativity, and unity with local vendors. Check our Forte da Cruz wedding packages here.

Have you decided to select Forte da Cruz as your wedding venue in Portugal? Why not allow our wedding planner specialists at Lisbon Wedding Planner to help you with the entire wedding process? We’ll ensure that your ceremony is a huge success and that you have the day like you’ve always dreamed. Contact us today!


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