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Wedding in Portugal






Vintage weddings are weddings that are decorated with antique furniture and other objects, whilst retro weddings are weddings that are decorated with items that are out of trend but still recent in terms of years, for example the decorations from the 90s. However, both retro and vintage wedding styles are totally on trend at the moment, and at Lisbon Wedding Planner we can offer you the most exclusive and unique vintage/retro wedding venue in Portugal. Old furniture, several fairy lights, framed mirrors, photo booths, Polaroid, colorful and mix matching flowers, lounge spaces on the grass with rugs, pillows and arm chairs, will all be present at your retro or vintage destination wedding in Portugal. We prime ourselves in decoration of our events, and are lucky to have in house designers who have a sharp eye for aesthetics, and will give it their all in terms of decorations for both your retro and vintage destination wedding in Portugal.







Festival weddings are starting to become quite popular after the likes of Coachella started dominating the world of social media. With more countries then ever dedicating their summers to eclectic festivals, festival weddings have become quite the thing for young and adventurous couples. From hair garlands, live bands, to drink stalls, and other festival like features, festival weddings are extremely unique and completely unforgettable. You can host your festival weddings in a venue by the sea, in a vintage estate, in a unique palace, or even in over-the-ocean forts in Portugal. Your festival destination wedding in Portugal will have the most amazing details included to ensure it is one party no one wants to miss!










BoHo Chic Weddings is a new fad that has been growing around the world, and it is also quickly growing in Portugal. Being similar to vintage and retro weddings, a BoHo Chic wedding mixes the vintage decorations, with a more chilled and mix matching vibe. From flower garlands, to fairy lights, you can have everything you like without worrying if it fits well with the theme. As BoHo Chic weddings in Portugal ensure that you mix all the different details you would like, without worrying about them fitting together. This is what creates the most diversely unique wedding day, and creates a relaxing, chilled and happy atmosphere amongst you and your guests as well. At Lisbon Wedding Planner we can offer you a stress free, love filled, and colorful BoHo Chic wedding in Portugal!










Circus weddings are weddings that revolve around the circus theme. From hosting your wedding ceremony in a Circus tent, to having popcorn and cotton candy machines, entertainment stalls, and even a petting zoo, Circus Weddings in Portugal are a ton of fun. You can decorate your wedding venue as you like, and host as many entertaining rides or spectacles as you would wish for- tarot card readers, clowns, balloon makers, jokers, soap bubble blowers etc! Your imagination can run as wild as the shows seen in circuses around the world! We are here to help you by suggesting ideas, and to implement them all into your wedding day. One thing you can be certain of, with Circus Weddings in Portugal, all your guests will have a wonderful time, and it will be the type of wedding that will be extremely hard for any of them and you to ever forget.








Glamping is a new trend, which basically means camping with glamour. It is a luxurious way of enjoying the traditional camping. With Lisbon Wedding Planner by your side, you will be able to organize the most original Glamping wedding in Portugal. You can choose whichever style of wedding that you would like for your wedding day, yet at night you and your guests will be sleeping in tents instead of hotels and guest rooms. However, the fun part is, that the tents during your wedding day serve as decorations under the theme that you have picked, yet at night they serve as rooms. However, we are talking about glamorous and luxurious rooms, with carpets, beds, sheets, lanterns, pillows and all especially for your Glamping wedding in Portugal. You will have a more intimate, exciting experience along side your friends and family, and they are surely not going to forget such a cool experience of sleeping in big, modern, and glamorous tents!







A mix between vintage and a garden theme party, shabby chic weddings in Portugal mix all sorts of entertaining décor. Hanging chandeliers from trees with old trunks decorating below, using pastel colors mixed with wood, and having the table set all pretty and cute are all signs of Shabby Chic wedding decoration! Lace details are also commonly found in Shabby Chic/Rustic weddings. You can decorate your wedding reception table with white lace tablecloth, wood chairs, and wild flower arrangements in different styled pots and vases! Add a few tea light candles all around, some fairy lights hanging above, and you have yourself an unforgettable Rustic/Shabby Chic Wedding in Portugal!










Gypsy weddings are usually very large weddings, which last up to 3 days minimum. Including all sorts of entertainment, a lot of scrumptious food, and a never ending DJ set, Gypsy weddings are a fun filled experience, that will allow you to have a unique type of fun alongside your many friends and family. The fact that inviting 100 guests is considered a small wedding, Gypsy weddings have sometimes up to 500 guests, and therefore create almost a festival atmosphere for their guests. The truth is that due to these weddings being so huge, Gypsy weddings have all types of diverse entertainment, and you can really let your imagination flow in terms of this. The decorations are usually a mix match of everything that you like, ensuring that this festival like wedding in Portugal is a quirky yet personalized event! Therefore, if you have a large number of guests, we are sure that a Gypsy Wedding in Portugal is the right type of wedding for you!







Think peace, think love, think 70s! From peace signs, to smiley’s, to flower hair garlands, to colorful tables, to rainbow colored decorations, to daisies and all things pretty and nice, Hippie Chic Weddings are omissible. A live band, a lot of drinks, happy decorations, and a few of your closest family and friends and you’ve got yourself an unforgettable Hippie Wedding. Usually we like to host these weddings outdoors, as we feel that the outdoors goes really nicely together with the theme. You can have a colorful flower arch for your destination hippie chic wedding in Portugal, with a few vintage armchairs for guests to sit. At night you can organize a nice bonfire where people can gather round and share lovely 70s music on guitars. Think of a relaxed outdoors party with friends and family when thinking of your Hippie Chic Wedding in Portugal, instead of thinking of the standard wedding type day. We can assure you that there is nothing standard about a Hippie Chic Wedding in Portugal.




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