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Know Your Wedding Food Menu in Portugal by Penha Longa Wedding Catering 


If you’re thinking of getting married in Portugal, you’re making the right choice. Portugal is a gorgeous country with an old European soul and a young, lively spirit.


Portugal is not only gorgeous landscapes and seashores, but the people also are warm, the service is top-notch, and the food is amongst the best in the world.


Talking about food, it’s hard to argue that what makes a great wedding is the menu, which means you need a reliable wedding catering service in Portugal.


For wedding catering in Portugal, we invite you to look at the services of Penha Longa Catering. Your guests will enjoy food, both local and world-class. Cocktails, wine, appetizers, and all the way to dessert, this is wedding catering in Portugal done right. 


To fully immerse yourself in what wedding food in Portugal is and what Penha Longa Catering can do for you on such a special day, let’s dive into what Portugal is all about, and why it’s one of the hottest destinations for weddings this season.


All about Portugal and the Famous Portuguese Wedding Gastronomy


Portuguese Gastronomy is as varied as its diverse regions, from the verdant northern forests to the steep eastern mountains. 


The country’s incredible wines and unique artisan cheese are known worldwide; ham and cured meat are of extraordinary quality. Olive oil is fragrant and the sweets! Portuguese pastries are to die for. But Portuguese seafood and fish make visitors come back once and again.


Fish is a great wedding food idea in Portugal and plays a crucial role in Penha Longa Catering menus. 


Sardines are some of the best on the planet, and so is the flavorful cod. These oily fish are abundant on the Portuguese shores and are the base of most local seafood specialities. Seabass from the shore is absolutely divine and Penha Longa Catering well knows how to prepare it. Portuguese food has something for every palate, and its classic dishes are the inspiration and base for the delicate but satisfying wedding food in Portugal.

Oporto is a larger-than-life ruby-red fortified wine that has swooned wine lovers for centuries. Picture ripe red fruit aromas, chocolate-covered cherries and spices, vanilla and cedar all in every sip of wine. The wine alone put Portugal on the wine map, and it is part of one of the most classic food and wine pairings on earth - Oporto and blue cheese.

Penha Longa Catering knows where it comes from, and embraces tradition, but takes wedding catering in Portugal to new heights.


Meet Your Portuguese Wedding Menu


It’s customary for the bride to walk to her wedding in Portugal, followed by her family for an exceptional ceremony. After the wedding, a feast waits for your guests for a night everyone will find hard to forget.


Let’s look at how your wedding menu in Portugal could look like with the help of Penha Longa partnership with Lisbon Wedding Planner.


Let us greet your guests with a refreshing and colourful welcome cocktail as we escort them to their seats. We offer a full open bar with vodka, gin and the local specialities Oporto, Vinho Verde, Moscatel, white and red wine, and a selection of fresh fruit juices and water.


Your selection of canapes will open your guests’ appetites in one-biters as delicate as they’re flavorful.


Irresistible Canapés


Starting with cold canapés, how about a creamy milk cheese toast with olive caviar to get the conversation started or local goat cheese topped with roasted sesame seeds? A Mexican-inspired mini chicken taco is always a crowd-pleaser and caramelized cherry tomatoes filled with cheese and basil pesto will have your guests more than entertained.


As for the warm canapés, pamper your guests with Sicilian arancini stuffed with foie gras, shrimp with pancetta kadaif, or a juicy “alheira” sausage ball. You’ll be charmed by our mushroom and spinach or mozzarella croquettes and the famous Portuguese octopus “paniscas.” Vegetable samosas are a fantastic vegetarian option, and you must offer Penha Longa’s especially, the cod croquettes and the shrimp rissoles.

A list of the best wedding  canapes for your Cocktail served by Penha Longa Catering: 

  1. Tuna ceviche with guacamole in a cone - Fish 

  2. Octopus skewer with virgin sauce, mash and crispy potato  - Fish 

  3. Crispy cone with spider crab salad  - Fish 

  4. Meagre tartar with yuzu and orange on crispy rice tile  - Fish 

  5. Macaron with salmon and lime mousse - Fish 

  6. Crispy shrimp with spicy mayonnaise - Fish 

  7. Salmon usuzukuri with ponzu, truffle and wasabi peas - Fish 

  8. Fried calamari with yuzu aioli in mini brioche - Fish 

  9. Sautéed shrimp skewer with lime and garlic, okra and black garlic   - Fish 

  10. Codfish cake with coriander mayonnaise - Fish 

  11. Poultry pate with raspberries in mini brioche  - Meat

  12. Beef mini croquette with marmalade mayonnaise - Meat

  13. Peking duck with honey and orange in a cone - Meat 

  14. Crispy Pancetta with goat cheese and figs - Meat 

  15. Mini chicken taco with black beans and sweet chilly - Meat

  16. Roasted suckling pig from Negrais mini Bao - Meat

  17. Fried polenta with duck rillette and red fruits jam - Meat 

  18. Chicken satay skewer with almonds - Meat 

  19. Mushroom & spinach croquettes - Veg

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Enticing Starters


As for the dinner menu, the first course is essential, as it sets the stage for the entire meal. Breaded goat cheese with arugula salad and pumpkin jam served with spicy caramelized nuts is inspired in the authentic Portuguese wedding gastronomy. 


A bowl of roasted pumpkin cream with sautéed mushrooms and fried seeds is a traditional option, and a vegetable minestrone with dried tomato and basil olive oil cream is not what you expect — it’s much better.


The goat cheese bread with mini canon salad and pumpkin jam over walnut bread is colourful and satisfying, while the mushroom or asparagus risotto is the quintessential flavour of the Mediterranean Sea.

Satisfying Main Courses


No guest will leave unsatisfied with a slow-cooked veal cheek roasted with red wine and thyme, roasted potatoes infused with aromatic garlic and spicy paprika. Sautéed turnip tops with garlic are the last touch for this gorgeous dish.


The famous Lisbon cod serve with a shrimp bread soup, flavoured with garlic and coriander, topped with fresh tomatoes, and a classic “vierge” sauce is beautifully sea scented.


For a more luxurious option, Pork tenderloin with sautéed greens and baked potato with rosemary gravy is Penha Longa Catering’s speciality. The Confit pork neck slowly cooked and served with the traditional rustic beans and local chorizo cassoulet, topped with fresh parsley is the purest example of what Portuguese gastronomy is all about. 

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The Wedding Cake followed by The Open Bar 


We offer coffee, tea and digestives because the most special moment at any wedding catering in Portugal is the cake. Traditionally the newlyweds cut a slice and serve it to a lucky single guest, wishing him newfound love.


A two-hour open bar will turn your gourmet dinner into a full-blown party, and that’s how you organize a wedding no one will forget. It’s in Portugal where all your dreams will come true. 


The Penha Longa partnership with Lisbon Wedding Planner is here for you every step of the way, so plan the perfect Portuguese wedding and sit back while we take care of everything. 

Chijioke and Nanya - Real Wedding Planned by Lisbon Wedding Planner and Catered by Penha Longa: Our



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