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Wedding in Portugal


If you love the dark side, and have always had a thing for all things spooky, then a Halloween Wedding in Portugal is the perfect event for you! With a gothic-punky theme, orange, black and white color themes, dark flower arrangements, a lot of candles, and maybe even a black dress code, your Halloween Wedding will be a whimsical and original event in Portugal. You can use the October season and the Halloween holiday itself and play with these factors when designing your decorations, resulting in a fabulous dark October wedding. You can use fall inspirations for your Halloween wedding in Portugal, together with a few skulls, and more candles, when decorating your venue, to create an unforgettable ambience. Luckily for you, at Lisbon Wedding Planner, we have the most creative in house designers, who are most thrilled to put your vision into place, ensuring that you receive the most gorgeous Halloween Wedding in Portugal.







Christmas weddings in Portugal can be the most romantic affairs, as Christmas is a holiday that is already filled with so many lovely emotions. Warm, cozy, happy, family orientated, loving, and caring are only some of the emotions shared during Christmas weddings in Portugal. From a homely venue to the most warm decorations and fairy lights all around,

your Christmas wedding in Portugal will be to die for. There is so much to play with around the Christmas theme, and together with the theme of love, there are for sure several levels of stunning decorations that we can achieve together! Christmas is such a great time of the year, bringing families all around the world together to celebrate the occasion, so why not join yours and turn this special occasion into an even better one filled with love, laughter, and an unforgettable destination wedding in Portugal.








New Years is a special occasion for almost everyone around the globe. So imagine hosting your special wedding day in Portugal at the change of the year! Fireworks light up the whole sky, and the festive mood is already set around your day, as well as everywhere else! If you wish for a glamorous, elegant and chic wedding day in Portugal, hosting it in New Years day will not only be extremely memorable, it will also be a very fun experience for all of your guests! Also think about how fun it would be to celebrate your anniversary every year with the rest of the world! At Lisbon Wedding Planner, we are more than experienced in hosting successful elegant and unique affairs, and therefore organizing a new years wedding day in Portugal will definitely not be a challenge of our team.



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