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Pena Palace Wedding Venue Portugal





A unique Historic Wedding Venue in Portugal

Built in 1836, Pena Palace Wedding Venue in Portugal, in portuguese Palacio da Pena, represents Romanesque, vintage, and romantic architecture, will provide you with the most beautiful Fairytale Castle Wedding Venue in Sintra. Being it such a special palace in Sintra, Pena Palace has been named as World Heritage by UNESCO, for its beauty, charm, and uniqueness. Due to the fact that the surrounding woods and mountains are filled with exotic and unique fauna and flora, the government labeled it as a natural park reservoir, where nothing new can be built. This, therefore, preserves and protects the intimacy and isolation of this alluring Fairytale Castle, Pena Palace Wedding Venue in Portugal.

What also makes Pena Palace Wedding Venue in Portugal a Fairytale Castle Wedding Venue in Portugal extremely exceptional, other than its architecture, is where it is located. Situated on the top of Sintra’s private mountains and enchanted woods, Pena Palace wedding venue in Portugal allows you and your guests to have beautiful views all around this Fairytale Castle Wedding Venue in Portugal for their destination wedding in.


Another very interesting thing about the Pena Palace Wedding Venue in Portugal, are the colors used for the exterior of the Pena Palace: yellows with blues, mixed with reds, tiles and stones, combined with the greenery of the nature that surrounds it, gives this wedding destination in Sintra a very vintage and exotic look. Never has a vintage wedding venue in Sintra created so many feelings in a person, leaving you and your guests astonished at the sights, and with every turn, making you even more surprised at what you see in this incredible Fairytale Castle Wedding Venue in Portugal for your destination wedding in Sintra.


Wedding Ceremony on the Rooftop

The most amazing feature of the Pena Palace wedding venue in Portugal, is that Pena Palace weddings are held on the Palace’s Rooftop, with stunning 360º views all around you and your guests. From the Rooftop you are able to see the jaw dropping views, the ocean in the horizon, the vast Sintra natural park, and above all, you will have the beautiful Pena Palace wedding venue behind you as a backdrop. As you can only imagine, Pena Palace Weddings will provide you with the most incredible wedding photos, and unforgettable memories of your special wedding day!

Wedding Cocktail in the Rooftop

Your wedding cocktail can either be on the Pena Palace’s rooftop, or in the Stag Room if you prefer as it has direct access to the Rooftop. You will be able to enjoy one of the most stunning sunsets ever, appreciate high quality appetizers, drink some champagne, all whilst speaking and taking pictures with your guests! The view of Pena Palace Weddings, given that it is on the tip top of Sintra’s mountains, is unlike any other, and will definitely cause a positive impression on all of those present on your special wedding day in Portugal in the Pena Palace Wedding Venue!

Wedding Reception in the Hall of the Arches

For your Pena Palace wedding venue, The Hall of the Arches is super elegant, simply decorated, and quite cozy for wedding receptions! You will be able to enjoy the most excellent catering services right by the side of all of your most treasured guests! Due to the fact that the decoration is quite simple, you will be able to choose decorative items of your choice, without being afraid that they might clash with the wedding reception’s setting, which is quite rare in most wedding venues! The perfect setting, for the perfect meal, for perfect Pena Palace Weddings!

Wedding Disco

For the wedding disco in the Pena Palace in Portugal, you have the option of dancing the night away on the Patio of the Palace’s Cafeteria or in the Hall of Arches where your wedding reception was held. With a great DJ, open bar for you and your guests, and amazing surrounding views, we assure you that by having everything you might need at your weddings, you will feel as happy as can be from the first dance until the last at your Pena Palace destination wedding venue in Portugal!

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