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Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Portugal is a beautiful estate that dates back to the 14th century, when its unique and stunning historic monastery was built. The Penha Longa area was considered as a place of sanctuary for centuries to come. At times Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Portugal served as a retreat to several royals of the Portuguese court, as well as foreign dignitaries. Because of it being completely surrounded by nature, and therefore extremely isolated and private, the Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Portugal has been chosen by many affluent people as a place of refuge, as well as a safe haven in itself. The Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Portugal is part of the Ritz Carlton group, ensuring that the quality presented in each area of service is of the highest standards. From restaurants, to accommodation, to event venues, and hotel services, the Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Portugal guarantees to be of the highest quality in everything that it presents to its guests.

Located at the bottom of the Sintra’s national nature reservoir mountains, and only a few minutes away from the World Heritage of Sintra’s village as named by UNESCO, Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Portugal benefits of the most astonishing sights, and inviting surroundings. Due to it being surrounded by greenery, the Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Portugal area is extremely peaceful. It is also only a short 15min drive to the Cascais and Estoril Coast, and only a 10min drive to the 8th most beautiful beach in the world. The Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Portugal also lies on top of a golf course, and is in short distance from 3 of the Top 100 European Golf Courses. This location becomes extremely appealing to all who visit for being so close to many sight seeing locations. The Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Portugal is close to the beach, golf courses, the biggest racetrack course in Portugal, the picturesque town of Cascais, the affluent town of Estoril, the romantic town of Sintra, and only a 20 minute drive from the Lisbon airport. All of these assets, and more, make the location of this Luxury Resort in Portugal impressive to its guests.

The Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Sintra is home to the most impressive grounds. With different areas for each distinctive activity and place, the Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Portugal is sure to wow everyone who visits. This Luxury Resort in Portugal compromises of a golf course, a mini golf course, two pools, the historic monastery, 4 different high quality restaurants, a fitness centre, a kids fun center, a SPA, varied high standard event venues, and 194 prime guest rooms all with private balconies and all the modern necessities. With so many different activities, you are sure to be entertained during your stay in the Penha Longa Resort in Portugal, as this luxury hotel offers something for everyone’s unique and special taste or preference. It is incredible just to simply gaze at the Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Portugal, due to its spectacular, modern, and classic architecture and 5 star hotel details and qualities. With trimmed inviting gardens, jaw dropping surrounding scenery, the beautiful standing hotel, and the relaxing and reposing pool area, the Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Portugal will most possibly stun you at every corner, during your destination stay in Portugal.

The Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Portugal is also extremely enthusiastic about giving its clients the most exclusive and varied services. This luxury hotel in Portugal is the only Hotel in Portugal to host a Six Senses SPA with nine treatment rooms, and an exclusive meditation Labyrinth within the SPA gardens.

This luxury resort in Portugal also offers the use of the outdoor and indoor swimming pools, fully equipped fitness centre, and an extensive list of outdoor activities such as tennis courts, paddle tennis, squash, jogging tracks, horse riding, and children’s exclusive activity areas. The Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Portugal also offers its clientele the opportunity of dining in the most stylish restaurants. From Japanese to Italian, this luxury hotel in Portugal offers you the richest flavors of several different cultures. The Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Portugal is also home to the restaurant of Sergi Arola, a 2 star Michelin Chef, who offers you the possibility to partake in this exclusive experience, whilst relishing in both the most wonderful views and flavors.


Due to the diversity and endless possibility of venues for your wedding in the Hotel grounds, Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Portugall is the ideal place to host your luxury destination wedding in Portugal. From getting married in a gorgeous typical Portuguese monastery to getting married in a picturesque and gorgeous courtyard, or from dining in a cozy fireplace room to a modern and elegant salon, from dancing in an open air courtyard to dancing in a room full of ceiling arches, there are so many varied options for your luxury destination wedding in the Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Portugal! However, the most exclusive feature of this Luxury Resort in Portugal, is that no matter what you had dreamed for your luxury wedding in Portugal, whether it be a vintage scenario or whether it be an elegant and intricate scenario that you wish for, the Hotel can accomplish all of your wishes, and ensure that your special day is every bit special and memorable!

From exclusive decorations, to spectacular menus, and unforgettable disco, the Penha Longa Resort Hotel in Portugal has all the necessary features and qualities to make your destination wedding in Portugal extremely memorable and bewildering.

Therefore with all of these wonderful facts, we are sure that you can conclude and agree that the Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Sintra, Portugal is the most ideal place for you to come relax, repose and unwind in the middle of absolute nature and very close to gorgeous beaches. However, not only is it the best and most private place to de-stress, it is also the ideal location to have your wedding of dreams and to experience an unforgettable day throughout your luxury wedding in Portugal!

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Penha Longa Catering will go above and beyond all your expectations. The Penha Longa Catering has incredible services that allow for their exceptional cuisine to be brought directly to your private event, and ensuring that their cuisine is served under the highest of standards at all times.

The Penha Longa Catering offers you both versatile and flexible menus that ensure their team will work with to plan every detail from designing your event’s menus to both the table decoration and staging of your events. With talented chefs, exceptional staff, and motivated team, you are sure to not be disappointed by this sophisticated service.

As said by the Penha Longa Catering team, “A memorable event forms the basis of a memorable day”. Therefore, their goal is to create the perfect wedding experience especially for you. They have pursued their own dream of setting a new standard for both romantic and elegant weddings, ensuring that your own dream of having a magical day is fulfilled. With a private chapel dating back to the 14th century and over 10 venues on their estate to choose from, the Penha Longa group will ensure that together with their Catering, they will present you with the most spectacular and unforgettable event. After all, the most memorable of days, further deserves the most memorable of events.

The Portuguese culture delights itself in the sensational world of gastronomy. All meals during the day are important for the Portuguese, and it is during these meals that the Portuguese socialize, share stories, and interact with their family members and friends. Every meal is sacred to the Portuguese, and that is why many visitors say that no place exists in Portugal where you cannot get a decent meal. You will taste and marvel yourself in the most heightened Mediterranean flavors, and the most unique combinations of scents present in the Portuguese food. Therefore, the Penha Longa Catering relishes in the idea, preparation and presentation of each individual plate served, ensuring that their clients are only able to taste the best possible at every meal served. For this reason and many more, we believe that you will not be in better hands than with the Penha Longa Catering.

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