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Why Portugal?

You might find yourself thinking Why Portugal? Why should you get married in Portugal? A dynamic country, at the bottom end of Europe that most people have never even visited. So really, why you should you choose to have a destination wedding in Portugal? Honestly, there are so many different reasons for why Portugal is such a good destination, you couldn't even fit them in a book, let alone a blog posts. However, if you are looking for the ideal place to host your destination wedding, we will show you just why Portugal is a necessity for anyone's wedding abroad!

Firstly, the climate in Portugal is exceptional. We have way more days of sunshine than those of rain, and therefore we become really attractive as a wedding destination. Our summers are hot, but never too hot you are not able to breathe. Our coastline is amazing, and you can take advantage of our beaches under our bright, yellow sun.

The prices in Portugal are really attractive compared to the rest of Europe. You can get so much more quality for so much more less for your destination wedding in Portugal, and this will immensely help your budget. Also whilst here for your destination wedding in Portugal, whether you want to grab a drink or a meal in the city, you will find the prices quite amazing compared to what you are used to.

Portugal's location could not be any better. Only a 2h flight away from most of the important European cities, very close to Africa, and also Europe's most western point, and therefore the closest Point in Europe to the United States of America. Lisbon, Portugal's capital, is only a 30-minute drive away from most of our wedding venues in Portugal, making it all really easy for you and your guests to get around.

Our wedding venues are also the most exceptional, beautiful and unique wedding venues in Portugal. Because of Portugal's diversity, we can offer you from a vineyard wedding to a beach wedding, to a vintage wedding, or to a greenhouse wedding, to a palace wedding, and the list goes on and on.. Most wedding venues that couples would like to get married in, we happen to have these as part of our wedding venues in Portugal.

Portugal has a very diverse landscape. If you are in lisbon, you drive 20 minutes and you'll be in Paradisiacal beaches, if you drive 30 minutes you will be in the top of exotic mountains, and if you drive 45 minutes, you'll be in the middle of countryside vineyards. Because you can easily access so many landscapes, Portugal becomes really attractive as it offers something to everyone.

The gastronomy in Portugal is exceptional in all areas. We have the best fish, being mostly coastal, yet we also have the best meat that comes from the interior. Our cheeses, and bread, are amazing, and so are our wines. We offer the best desserts made with eggs, and above all, no matter where you go to eat in Portugal, you will be well served. All restaurants in Portugal serve at least a few wonderful things, and therefore no matter where you go, you will never eat badly!

Portugal's history is extremely rich in several areas, and a great big proof of this is all of the monuments left behind. You will find beautiful and extraordinary monuments spread all over Portugal, and especially in Lisbon. From castles, cathedrals, convents, palaces, old manors, in between many other monuments, you will feel all of these restored in Portugal's city center. You should also do a Lisbon tour whilst here for your destination wedding in Portugal, to understand the history of Portugal even further.

However to us, the reason that most makes us fall in love with Portugal, is the fact that it is so authentic. From the people on the street, to the architecture, to the Portuguese sidewalk, to the security, to the trendy new bars, cafes and restaurants, you will find authenticity at every corner. There is so much to discover, and all of it is so authentic, that honestly it will be very difficult for you to not fall in love with the country that will host your destination wedding in Portugal.

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