Wedding Menu Penha Longa Catering Portugal

Forte da Cruz, Wedding Villa Tamariz, Penha Longa Hotel
 Check here Wedding Menu A



Sparkling Wine, Martini, Vodka, Gin, Vinho Verde, Port Wine & Moscatel, Fruit Juices & Water Selection​

Selection of 5 pieces of Canapes:


Creamy milk “Serra” cheese toast & olive caviar

Goat’ cheese chupa-chups with sesame

Mexican mini taco with Chicken, chili & lettuce

Caramelized cherry tomato filled with cheese & basil pesto

Smoked duck flower in figue

Taco triangle with salmon ceviche

Quail’ egg nest

Ox tail wonton

Mini Caesar’ salad in tartlet

Melon balls with cured ham

Cingalese babaganoush in cone

Ajo blanco with grapes

Iberian ham bonbon with chèvre & egg yolk strands

Tuna ceviche with coriander in a guacamole shot


Arancini stuffed with foie gras

Shrimp with pancetta kadaif

“Alheira” sausage ball

Mushroom & spinach croquettes

Tandori chicken kebab with fresh mint crème fraîche

Mozzarella croquettes with marinara sauce

Octopus “Pataniscas”

Vegetables samozas with sweet chili sauce

Beef croquettes with curry & honey mustard

Beef mini cone & wasabi aiolli

Shrimp rissoles

Cod croquettes

Mini poultry pies


1st course

Breaded goat’ cheese with rucula salad, pumpkin jam & caramelized nuts with spices

Tuna tataki on sesame seeds, sechuan pepper and cream cheese, shallot and chive wtih red fruits vinaigrette and olive oil


Roast pumpkin cream soup, sautéed champignons & fried seeds


Vegetables Minestrone with dried tomato and basil olive oil cream


Goat cheese bread with mini canon salad with pumpkin jam and walnut bread 


Mushroom rissoto or Aspargus rissoto

 2nd course


Veal cheek slow cooked with red wine and thime, roasted potatoes with garlic, onion and Paprika, sauteed Turnip tops with garlic


Cod with a shrimp bread soup, garlic & coriander, fresh tomato with a “vièrge”sauce

Pork tenderloin with sauteed greens and baked potato with rosemary and roast gravy


Mushroom rissoto or Aspargus rissoto


Roast sea bream with fresh confit tomato, basil & creamy pesto


Confit pork neck at low temperature with beans traditional chorizo cassoulet & with fresh parsley


Wedding Cake with Sparkling Wine​


Coffee, tea and digestives


White & Red Wine Casabel or Visconde Garcez


Beer, Soft Drinks, Juices & Water Selection


Wedding cake & Sparkling Wine


Three hours Open Bar

included White & Red Wine, Dry Port Wine, Whisky, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Baileys, Licor Beirão, Beer, Soft Drinks, Juices & Water selection


Service is included within a period of 7 hours After that, a service charge of €500.00 per each extra hour shall be applied + food and beverages


Option 1-Menu


Vegetables creamy soup

Beefsteak with Rice and French Fries

Chocolate Mousse

beverages included​​

Option 2 -Buffet


Vegetables Soup

Mini hamburguer

Mini Pizza

Chicken Nuggets

French Fries

Ice Cream Chocolate



beverages included

There is no limitation on the number of drinks served per guest throughout the event.

Penha Longa catering check here Wedding Menu A for your wedding at Forte da Cruz, Penha Longa Hotel and Villa Tamariz


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