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Villa Tamariz Utopia Wedding Venue in Estoril Portugal

Villa Tamariz Utopia Wedding Venue in Estoril Portugal is an unique wedding venue that blends the barefoot elegance of the dazzling town of Estoril with the best of Mediterranean gastronomy of the Portuguese culture.

Wedding Villa Portugal

This villa is a special oasis that welcomes visitors with gorgeous ocean views and provides endless opportunities for true relaxation and enjoyment. This elegantly restyled villa is perfect for your luxury wedding in Portugal for it is set on Tamariz Beach, also known as Praia de Tamariz, a pleasant family-oriented beach in Estoril, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The yellow mansion offers both local and Mediteranean cuisine with rice being the main highlight on their menu where you can find over 17 varieties of Spanish and Portuguese rice dishes.

The town of Estoril is where writers, actors, singers, painters, as well as World War spies stayed in the fortified apartments of European aristocracy, socialized on the town’s popular beaches and had fun trying their luck at Estoril Casino. At the Estoril Casino, Ian Fleming wrote his first groundbreaking James Bond novel, Casino Royale.

Wedding Villa Portugal

Villa Tamariz Utopia wedding venue was built in the 19th century Ernesto Drisel Schoter, a government minister, on the site of Sao Roque Fortress and named the apartment after the tamarind trees found in this area. This yellow mansion has a landmark tower, huge windows and colonnaded arches that have played a giant role in enriching the history of Estoril in Portugal. In the early 20th century as many rich tourists began to visit and explore the city of Estoril, the Villa Tamariz was transformed into a luxury tearoom and restaurant for the wealthy, thanks to the Estacao Ferroviária do Estoril railway station located only 15 minutes walk to the beach.

Tamariz beach is one of the largest beaches in Estoril and is a perfect venue for your luxury wedding in Portugal that is overlooked by medieval-styled castle, Villa Tamariz Utopia. It has a long and wide strip of sand and is surrounded by several classy restaurants and bars. The Tamariz beach is ideal for families and tourist who would want to just bask in the sun due to the non-tidal and calm sea. The beach is mostly busy during summer seasons and weekend and there is lifeguard supervision to ensure that you are safe.

Wedding Villa Portugal

During your stay at the Tamariz Beach before the wedding or after your luxury wedding in Portugal, you can grab an umbrella and walk along the expansive strip of sand while soaking up some rays from the sun or doing shallow dives in the clear shallow waters of Tamariz Beach. Your guests will enjoy viewing historical fortress like the one owned by the Monaco’s royal family, which can easily be seen from the beach. Tamariz has a backdrop of gorgeous palaces, and is one of the most multicultural beaches with a great influx of visitors from all over the globe.

Wedding Villa Details

If you and our guests fancy slightly warmer waters, Piscina Oceânica do Estoril ocean swimming pool located on the eastern side of Tamariz beach perfect for you. You take a stroll and spend some time with Portuguese fishermen on the southern edge of the beach during your stay in Portugal. You can access Tamariz beach by bus where there’s a designated area for parking cars and then walk to the beach through an underground tunnel, or you can get there by train or bus. Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport is also few minutes ride to Villa Tamariz Utopia.

Located 5 minutes away from Villa Tamariz Utopia wedding venue is the magnificent Forte da Cruz- Estoril. It’s another historical wedding venue located right on top of the beach. Forte da Cruz offers the same incredible oceanic views and striking backdrops as the Villa Tamariz Utopia. You will enjoy the most exquisite sights from this venue and receive top-notch service from Wedding Venues Portugal as your wedding planner in Portugal. We will ensure that you and your guests feel at home during and after your wedding, whether you choose the historical beachfront Villa Tamariz or Forte da Cruz as a venue for your luxury wedding in Portugal.

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