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Wedding Ceremony at Monserrate Palace, in Portugal

Book your Wedding Ceremony at Monserrate Palace, in Portugal with Lisbon Wedding Planner.

The Monserrate palace is one of the most beautiful palaces in Europe, built by english royalty in the 19th century, in Sintra, just half an hour from Lisbon.

There’s several options for your wedding ceremony at the beautiful Palace: the gardens, the hall of music located inside the main building or the ruins of the chapel.

The gardens of the Monserrate palace, with unique architecture, their interior walls are filled with detailed exotic vegetal motifs surrounded by beautiful gardens and mystical ruins perfect for your Wedding Ceremony in Portugal with the help of Lisbon Wedding Planner team!

The beautiful gardens of Monserrate are perfect for large wedding ceremonies with no limitation of number of guests. With exotic and diverse plants, with the romantic environment of Monserrate and the beautiful views of the Sintra mountains you can have a unique Wedding Ceremony at Monserrate Palace, in Portugal.

In the interior of the Monserrate palace, after walking down the long and beautiful gallery completely covered by a Moorish pattern of relief stucco work you arrive at the music room where you and your guest will be welcomed by a beautiful dome, decorated with gilded floral motifs and representations of muses and graces. The music hall has the best acoustic for your Wedding Ceremony at Monserrate Palace, in Portugal and can accommodate ceremonies up to 100 guests. There’s a tuned piano on this room that can be used during the ceremony, providing an unique ambience due the fabulous acoustic of the room.

In the mysteries of the Monserrate gardens you can have the perfect small, intimate and original Wedding Ceremony. The magical chapel ruins have the romantic and private feeling surrounded only by nature! Lisbon Wedding Planner will make your Wedding Ceremony at Monserrate Palace an unique and memorable moment for you and all of your guests. Provides amazing and unique pictures and it’s perfect for intimate ceremonies.

Lisbon Wedding Planner can offer you the perfect packages for your Wedding Ceremony at Monserrate Palace, in Portugal or a may build a customized proposal for you. You may find our packages online or contact us for a personalized proposal.

If you wish to have the your entire wedding day in Monserrate, Lisbon Wedding Planner can make it happen to! You can have your Wedding Reception and dance party at the mesmerizing Tea House.

Have your perfect, intimate, romantic, nature surrounded Wedding Ceremony at Monserrate Palace. Contact Lisbon Wedding Planner for your Wedding Ceremony at Monserrate Palace, in Portugal.

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