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Styled Photo Shoot by  Lisbon Wedding Planner

Photography by NJMattos Photography

Woodland wedding venues have been growing in popularity, due to the aesthetics, the uniqueness, and the fact that saying your vows surrounded by a rustic and forest scenery, makes your forest wedding that much more romantic.
More and more, couples search hard for the perfect woodland wedding in Portugal, composed by the perfect woodland wedding venue. Yet, due to the fact that permits are necessary and the legal part is quite a hassle, many couples give up on the option of having a forest wedding in Portugal.

However, at Lisbon Wedding Planner, we have found the ideal woodland wedding venue, located in Estoril, and only 30 minutes from Lisbon Airport and a 5 minute drive from several hotels and villas.
Close to many main attractions and activities, yet secluded enough for you to have the necessary privacy, this outdoor wedding venue in Portugal allows you to have your dream Woodland wedding in Portugal. Surrounded only by the most beautiful tress, and raw nature, this woodland wedding venue in Portugal, is sure to fit all of your wishes for your forest wedding in Portugal.

In our woodland wedding venue, you will be completely surrounded by trees, and will be able to implement whichever decoration you would like for your rustic wedding in Portugal. From flower arches, to fairy lights, you will be able to include all sorts of decorations in your woodland wedding in Portugal.
Due to the fact that the background of your forest wedding in Portugal is composed solely by its’ nature surrounding, you will have a “white canvas” to completely personalize your woodland wedding in Portugal.

Whether you wish to have a vintage, hippie chic, Boho or rustic wedding in Portugal, in our stunning woodland wedding venue, any type of forest wedding in Portugal would be possible. Your wedding in Portugal, with our breathtaking woodland wedding venue, will have an astonishing nature touch that will be unlike any other place in the area, providing you with the capacity to host the most enchanted and romantic woodland wedding in Portugal.


Outdoor weddings are rapidly growing as the number one wedding trend. Due to Portugal’s marvelous climate, outdoor weddings in Portugal are growing in popularity. Our woodland wedding venue in Portugal is one hundred percent outdoors, giving you the opportunity to have a splendid ceremony, impressive cocktail, and a staggering reception, all in the beautiful Portuguese outdoors.
During outdoor weddings in Portugal, our clients will be in full contact with the impressive surroundings of untainted nature for their woodland wedding in Portugal.

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