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Les bénédictions de mariage au Portugal peuvent être effectuées avec de la croyance ou pas dans une cérémonie civile ou religieuse. Après avoir sélectionné votre cérémonie, vous pouvez choisir de se marier dans votre ambassade à Lisbonne, un lieu que vous avez sélectionné, sur la plage, ou dans une église. Grâce à notre connaissance du mariage et de nos contacts, nous pouvons organiser la cérémonie de vos rêves, qui sera unique pour vous.





A Civil Ceremony can be held at the couples national embassy or at the venue of the marriage depending on the legal restrictions in place. Lisbon Wedding Planner will be with you every step of the way to ensure the paperwork is as hassle free as possible. Many of the venues offered by Lisbon Wedding Planner have beautiful outside and inside spaces for the ceremony to be held. Do you picture yourself being married with views of the ocean at Villa Sao Paulo, or shaded by large palm trees in a picturesque park in the Exhibition Hall at Tapada da Ajuda?

To be legally be married by the Catholic Church in Portugal, you will need to complete Civil and Catholic Ceremony paperwork. Lisbon Wedding Planner can guide you through all the paperwork you need to fill in to make the process as simple as possible. We have beautiful churches in the Estoril Coastal area and contacts with English speaking priests in the area who can conduct ceremonies in English.

For a Catholic Blessing Ceremony  in Portugal you need to have a marriage certificate from your own country, permission from your church, the church where you would like to get married and the legal documentation. Lisbon Wedding Planner can work with you and everybody involved to make it simple for you to have your ceremony. We have beautiful churches in the Estoril Coastal area and contacts with English speaking priests in the area who can conduct ceremonies in English.



Why not show your growing devotion to your partner with a vow renewal. This is a great excuse to come abroad with all of our loved ones and have a big party to show how strong your love is. Whether it is a civil or religious ceremony we have the contacts to make the ceremony planning straight forward, and the day itself run smoothly. Vows may include new vows and also old vows made to each other the first time round to show your history.

To have an Anglican Blessing Ceremony in Portugal you have to obtain a marriage certificate from your own country of origin. The priest in Portugal will then check the document and work with Lisbon Wedding Planner to ensure you have all the correct documentation. We have a great connection with the Anglican Church in Lapa, the Father is friendly and English speaking and can conduct your ceremony in his scenic and historic church, ask permission to hold it in a church closer to the venue, or conduct the ceremony at your venue.


The Hindu wedding ceremony is one of the most beautiful, and we at Lisbon Wedding Planner are more than happy to organize this type of ceremony for you. To have a Hindu Wedding Ceremony in Portugal, you as a couple would have to go to the Hindu Temple and set a date with the Hindu priest. Your wedding can either be in the Hindu Temple or in a venue of your choice with the Hindu priest’s permission. Having experience on organizing this kind of wedding ceremony, we know what to expect and how to make it as successful, magical, and professional as possible.

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