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8 Venues for Outdoor Weddings in Portugal

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Outdoor Weddings in Portugal

Portugal can be a very versatile destination for your outdoor wedding. It is loved for its never-ending sandy beaches, fantastic cuisine, welcoming people, and gloriously sunny weather, Portugal is home to many incredible outdoor wedding venues.

We at Lisbon Wedding Planner are more than ready to let you know your options and help you plan your breathtaking Portugal wedding. If you’re a nature-loving couple, you’ll be spoilt for choices when it comes to beautiful outdoor locations in this sunny southern European Country. That’s why we have decided to save you time by having the best outdoor wedding venues in Portugal for you to browse through. Are you ready? Then let’s get started. Want to know more? Contact us today or Check the Wedding Package Here.

For Your Beach Outdoor Wedding in Portugal

Lots of couples love to exchange their vows on the beach with soft sands under their feet. The lovely ocean stretching out behind you and the beach itself often provides a stunning and serene environment that is great for photos. So, are you interested in having an outdoor beach wedding in Portugal? The following locations are just great, and we have the most amazing packages for you with them.

Arriba By the Sea - Beach, Ocean & Pool Wedding Venue

Lots of couples have called Arriba by the Sea the best beach wedding venue in Portugal. When you arrive here, it’ll be quite easy to see why. It has a gorgeous romantic atmosphere with breathtaking views of the sunlight and sunset on the Lisbon oceanfront. Located just 30 minutes from the Lisbon International Airport, at this venue, Lisbon Wedding Planner offers you provisions for large or small groups, with budget-friendly options. You’ll have direct access to the beach from your ceremony and a large private parking area for your guests. At Arriba by the SeaThe food is also fantastic with both Portuguese and International options. You and your guests will be delighted if you select this venue. Want to know more? Contact us today or Check the Wedding Package Here.

Adraga Beach - A Hidden Location for your Beach Wedding

Adraga Beach Wedding Location in Portugal, offers the beauties of the Atlantic Ocean and unique rocks and cliffs in Portugal.
Adraga Beach - A Hidden Location for your Wedding

Adraga Beach Wedding Location faces the Atlantic Ocean and was considered one of the best 20 beaches in Europe by The Sunday Times in 2003. Adraga offers you a quiet, private location, surrounded by amazing cliffs and a natural landscape. You will enjoy your wedding here. If you choose Adraga Beach Wedding Location, you’ll get a chance to say your vows facing the blue ocean and take your first steps as a married couple, warmed by the sun on the clear-sand beach. Imagine the fantastic photos you can get! You’ll also love the Lisbon Wedding PlannerLisbon Wedding Planner packages that are available for this location. Want to know more? Contact us today or Check the Wedding Package Here.

For Your Historic Outdoor Wedding in Portugal

Another reason why many people choose Portugal for their destination wedding is for the rich history that is available here. Have you always been enchanted by tales of kings and castles? You can live out that dream of your wedding in Portugal. When you choose any of the following locations, you and your partner will get a chance to say your vows in an outdoor environment steeped with tradition. Want to know more? Contact us today or Check the Wedding Package Here.

The Quinta - Outdoor Rustic and Vintage Weddings in Portugal

In Portugal, The Quinta - My Vintage Wedding Portugal is a fantastic rustic and historic wedding venue from the 18th century, located in Sintra, just 8 minutes from the Beach and the well known Sintra Palaces. If you choose this location, your wedding will be held at the Gardens (Indoor option is available in case of bad weather) and you and your guests will enjoy the wonders of Sintra. You’ll be able to see the jaw-dropping views of the ocean on the horizon, and the vast Sintra natural park. A Adraga Beach Wedding Ceremony can be arranged as the Beach Wedding Location is just 8 minutes away.

When you combine that with the fantastic packages that you’ll be getting from Lisbon Wedding Planner for this wedding venue , you’ll have an unforgettable experience. In addition, you may combine this historical wedding venue with a beach wedding ceremony. Want to know more? Contact us today or Check the Wedding Package Here.

Quinta Do Torneiro - Combining Gardens & Rooms with Blue Tiles

Do you love the sun, the outdoors, Portuguese tiles, and large private villas, then Quinta do Torneiro is where you should have your wedding. It’s a historic estate that has been around for more than 200 years, and the several beautiful gardens that surround it were recently adapted to host your beautiful wedding.

Quinta do Torneiro offers you Portuguese tradition and history, the sunny outdoors, full privacy, and a contemporary greenhouse all in one venue. Why not take advantage of Lisbon Wedding Planner´s unique and affordable wedding packages to have your wedding here? Check the Wedding Package Here.

Gremio Palace in the Heart of Lisbon City Center

Gremio Palace is another historic fairytale wedding venue in Portugal that you’ll enjoy. Located in the heart of Chiado, this beautiful palace will show you the true meaning of a peaceful haven. One thing you won’t lack in this location is an opportunity to stun your guests, and with a wedding package from Lisbon Wedding Planner, you can make that happen. Want to know more? Contact us today or Check the Wedding Package Here.

Marques Fronteira Palace & The Blue and White Tiles

Built around 1670, Marques Fronteira Palace consists of a lovely summer house and can host your classic themed wedding in Portugal. It is one of the most beautiful castles in Lisbon, which is why Lisbon Wedding Planner can get you one of the best packages to have your wedding in this picturesque location. Fully ornamented with blue Tiles is the best place for an authentic Portuguese Style Wedding and the Classic Blue Palette matches the venue in perfection. Want to know more? Contact us today or Check the Wedding Package Here.

Ritz Carlton Resort

Ritz Carlton Resort is a beautiful 5-star luxury resort that offers you attractive options to celebrate your outdoor wedding. From its impressive gardens to the beautiful lake by the ruins dating back to the 14th century, you’ll love the atmosphere here. Why not choose one of Lisbon Wedding Planner’s great wedding packages and have your wedding here. Want to know more? Contact us today

For Your Outdoor Beach and History All in One Location

Forte Da Cruz - A Beach Front Castle in Portugal

Forte da Cruz is situated on Tamariz beach with its beautiful white sand and the lovely blue Atlantic Ocean. Built-in the 17th century, it is perfect for couples wanting to satisfy their craving for a beach wedding and a historical one at the same time. Here, you’ll get fantastic facilities for your destination wedding in Portugal, a beautiful ceremony area, cocktail arena on the terraces overlooking the sea, a spacious disco room, a large dining room, and a parking area. Why not choose one of Lisbon Wedding Planner’s budget-friendly packages and have your fairytale wedding hosted here?

Here at Lisbon Wedding Planner, it is our joy to design, plan and coordinate tailor-made weddings with our pocket-friendly wedding packages at gorgeous outdoor locations in Portugal. We can also handle your indoor weddings too.

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