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Guide to Your Wedding at Quinta do Torneiro

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Your Wedding at Quinta do Torneiro

Quinta do Torneiro is a lovely destination for your destination wedding in Portugal, Europe. It is a venue rich in Portuguese history and tradition and a beauty to behold. What plans do you have for your wedding? Do you want an outdoor, vintage, rustic, or boho-chic event? This distinguished location is just 20 minutes from the airport and could play host to you and your guests. What’s best, Lisbon Wedding Planner has amazing packages for weddings at this location. If you’re thinking about holding your destination wedding here, here is some background information about the site and some tips to help you.

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History & Location

This manor house dates back to the 18th century and has high ceilings, vintage Portuguese tiles, lots of rooms, multiple garden options, a chapel, a covered terrace, and more. It is located in Oeiras, which is in the great Lisbon area and is just 20 minutes from the airport. It is also 15 minutes away from downtown Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra, and Estoril. There are two hotels nearby and multiple other facilities to make you and your guests comfortable. All of these and more position Quinta do Torneiro as a much-loved destination wedding location in Portugal.

You'll Love the Portuguese Blue Tiles

Portuguese tiles are a beauty to behold. They’re also known as azulejos and were used to control the temperature in homes in the past. There were also ornamental and had early Arab design influence. You’ll find these lovely tiles in different locations around Quinta do Torneiro, lending to the soft colors and romantic feel of this destination.

Wedding Possibilities

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to your wedding at Quinta do Torneiro. Whether you and your guests’ number 20 or 250 in number, this place can accommodate you all. You could choose to do a civil ceremony in the enchanting chapel or any of the three gorgeous gardens. You could also have an outdoor reception with details for your event like tables, chairs, lounge sofas, and décor provided. We’ve outlined below some of the best places where you can have your wedding.

The Chapel

The Chapel at Quinta do Torneiro is a beauty to behold. Located at the center of the house, it has impressive tiles from the 18th century and can be accessed from the main entrance, which has a patio and a lawn.

The Crest Room

You’ll find an old crest carpet hanging on the wall above the fireplace at the Crest Room. It is where this room gets its name from. This room also has big windows and offers you direct access to the covered terrace and the entrance hall.

The Caravel Room

The Caravel Room is another room at the Quinta do Torneiro where you can find the azulejos. You can also use it for your wedding as an addition to any of the other rooms here.

The Noble Room

This room has big windows, which means excellent lighting and direct access to the covered terrace at Quinta do Torneiro. The tiles and ceiling in this room are green, too, representing the Quinta’s history and providing you with a picturesque environment for your destination wedding.

Fireplace Room

The Fireplace Room at Quinta do Torneiro is right in front of the chapel and has direct access to the entrance hall and the Caravel room. You can also use this room in addition to the rest for your wedding or use it as a standalone.

Courtyard Garden

The Courtyard Garden is the biggest garden in this destination. It is located right in front of the chapel and has a lovely swing that you could use. It can also be accessed from the Fireplace Room and the Entrance hall.

French Garden

You’ll love the French Garden at Quinta do Torneiro because it is gorgeous. You can hold your outdoor wedding here, and it boasts of plants dating back to the 18th century when the place was built. It also has beautiful views of the sunset and space for a long table and chairs.

Entrance Garden

A wedding at the entrance garden will look like a scene from a movie. You can host your wedding here under beautiful fairy lights, side trees, and a long field. You’ll love it and so will your guests.


The Greenhouse at Quinta do Torneiro is also a lovely place where your wedding could hold. This large Greenhouse was added to the historical rooms, taking the best advantage of the light and sun for you and our plants. It has access to the Crest Room and the French Garden. The covered terrace is also a part of the Greenhouse and would be lovely for your cocktail hour

If you are already dreaming of using this large private Portuguese wedding villa for your celebration, Lisbon Wedding Planner can be of help. We have lots of wedding packages for your Quinta do Torneiro Wedding Villa in Portugal,. These packages are designed to help you remain as stress-free as possible. We also understand what budgeting is and how much it means to you as a couple. Our packages are thus designed to help you save money! You can check out our packages for Quinta do Torneiro here to see what we mean.

Here at Lisbon Wedding Planner, we want you to fall in love with Portugal just like we have. Our plan is to make your wedding one to remember with our team working around the clock to ensure the success of your event is unparalleled. We would love to hear from you. Contact us today at

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