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A European Elegant Outdoor Wedding Destination

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

European Elegant Outdoor Wedding Venue

An elegant wedding at an international destination is an option that many couples are exploring nowadays. Love and luxury go hand in hand, and with elegant weddings, you can capture just that. Outdoor weddings are also a trend that has become popular in recent times. There is always something to be said for incorporating elements of nature into your celebration of love. If history, classic style, and luxury are what you are looking for in your outdoor wedding, Portugal is the place for you. Portugal has numerous options for an intimate but elegant wedding, and we at Lisbon Wedding Planner can’t wait to share this with you. If you’re looking for history, style, and luxury for your elegant wedding, you will find your match in any of these destinations in Portugal.



Sintra is another fairytale city where you can host your elegant European, outdoor wedding here in Portugal. You’ll be bewitched by the romantic and magical atmosphere and the natural landscape too. Some of the most beautiful beaches are located in Sintra.

Lisbon is the heart and soul of Portugal, and we love to plan weddings here. It has so much potential as an elegant outdoor wedding destination, and you’ll love it if you enjoy cities. As the capital city, Lisbon is very historical with stately monuments and enchanting tiles ready to charm you on your visit. It’s picturesque streets, and unique beaches are also things you will not forget. There is also the advantage of it being the city with the largest airport in Portugal, which means it’s pretty easy to fly into Lisbon from all over Europe. If you want a historical or a beachside wedding, Lisbon, with every aspect of the Portuguese culture ramped up in the best possible way, is the place for you.

If you want to get married on the beach, this is where to do it. There are also fantastic castles like the Pena Palace, which is probably one of the most famous castles in Portugal. Lisbon Wedding Planner can get you excellent wedding packages for the Pena Palace, by the way. If you’re a romantic couple who is enthusiastic about nature and want to have your wedding at a castle, Sintra is the city for you.


Cascais is located along the coastal area of Portugal, which means most of its beaches face the Atlantic Ocean.

You’ll find exclusive wedding venues for your elegant outdoor wedding here, with the weather perfect for weddings almost all year round. Cascais is famous for its natural beauty, and you’ll love the view of Sintra and the ocean in the background.

There are also many historical monuments to satisfy your fancy, and its beautiful architecture gives you a chance for numerous quality wedding venues. When you combine that with the budget-friendly wedding packages you’ll be getting from us at Lisbon Wedding Planner, you’ll be glad you chose this city. The hospitality of the people in this area is also worthy to note, and Cascais has been one of the most appreciated tourist destinations since the 19th century. If you’re a couple who loves history, rustic settings, and beautiful architecture, Cascais is probably the location that you should go for. What do you think about letting us plan your elegant European, outdoor wedding in Cascais?

Are you looking for a wedding planner for your destination wedding in Portugal? Lisbon Wedding Planner is the company for you. We are experts in organizing weddings in the Lisbon, Cascais, and Sintra areas and maintain a high standard when it comes to both vendors and venues. We are a team of talented and qualified wedding planners with reviews to show our excellent work, and we would love to hear from you. Contact us today!

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