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Guide to Your Beach Wedding in Lisbon Portugal

Your Wedding at the Beach in Lisbon

When it comes to your Beach Wedding in Lisbon, Portugal, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination! One thing about beach weddings is that they give you total creative freedom, and depending on the time of day, the beach sets a different mood.

An element that shines through all beach weddings, however, is romance. Whether you hold your beach wedding in Lisbon at sunrise or sunset, it will be serene and romantic. You also won't need to overdo decorations as it will already be naturally beautiful.

Are you planning to come to Lisbon for your beach wedding in Portugal? Let the beach set the stage for your love story seaside ceremony. Lisbon Wedding Planner can help you make this dream come true. Before you get started, here is a guide to your beach wedding in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Your Destination Beach Wedding

A destination wedding is a fun way to get married and probably combine a vacation with your family and friends. If you've chosen Lisbon in Portugal for your destination wedding, this is an excellent choice, and you'll love your time here. If you're ashore loving couple, it only makes sense that you would want to have your destination wedding at the beach, and we're excited for you.

Beach weddings are memorable, unique, and fun-filled. You and your guests will have the fun of your life. Some of the destinations where you can have your beach wedding Lisbon are Forte da Cruz, Arriba by the sea (This venue is perfect for couples who love the beach but want to stay away from the sand), and Adraga Beach. Whichever you decide on, you'll have a wonderful time, and Lisbon Wedding Planner will be with you every step of the way.

The Best Time of The Day to Hold Your Beach Wedding

One worry that couples often have when it comes to beach weddings is the weather. They also worry about the crowd at the beach. In August, for example, the summer gets really hot, and the beaches in Lisbon will most likely be way too crowded. The best time to choose to avoid this is a month that is not wholly summer.

You can also choose a month where children are still at school. You'll find that the beaches are less crowded then. Lisbon Wedding Planner can help advise you personally where this is concerned. Weekdays are also great for avoiding crowds, but if you still want to hold your wedding at the weekend, early in the morning is a time where there will be fewer people at the beach.

Ceremony Essentials

The first requirement for a beach wedding ceremony is to make sure that you stay hydrated. There are also some essentials that are important for your guests if you are having a beach wedding in Lisbon. You can have a welcome table at your beach wedding with the following:

Comfort Items Like Sunscreen (This one is crucial), bug sprays, and cozy beach blankets.

Refreshments like lemonade or ice water to stay hydrated.

A basket for shoes, in case your guests want to go barefoot in the sand.

And baby powder, which is excellent at getting sand off people's feet for after your ceremony.

What to Wear

A beach wedding is not the location for ballgowns or chapel trains when it comes to the bride's wedding dress. A gown made of light fabric and a short veil on an updo would do the trick. The groom and groomsmen can wear loose shirts and pants. For the whole wedding fashion, light and airy fabrics are the keys to fun and comfort at your ceremony. For footwear, heels are a total no-no. Sandals or going barefoot are what works best for a wedding at the beach.


If you host your beach wedding in Portugal, Lisbon Wedding Planner offers you packages that include your reception in a nearby location. The Quinta- My Vintage Wedding Portugal is one of such places, and Quinta do Torneiro is another. Locations like Forte da Cruz Beach Castle can host both your wedding and reception, however. Your accommodation will also be handled; you just have to speak to us.

Food and Drink

Your food, drink, and cake can be part of your wedding package for your beach wedding in Lisbon. You'll enjoy the Portuguese cuisine, and you can also request intercontinental dishes from the very experienced chefs. However, it is usually best to enjoy some local cuisines to make your destination wedding more memorable and unique for everyone.

Backup Plan

One rule that is constant when it comes to having an outdoor wedding is that you must have a backup plan. Sometimes, despite all the monitoring, nature could decide to be uncooperative. The weather in Portugal is excellent a lot of the time, but we can never say never, right? From too much heat to rain, a plan B for your beach wedding is a must.

Some couples fall into the mistake of thinking that a beach wedding in Lisbon will be a breeze. We advise that you reach out to us at Lisbon Wedding Planner as soon as possible because it is not. We'll handle the logistics for your beach wedding in Lisbon, including permits, licenses, and more. We'll also have experts finding and overseeing the vendors you'll need for your wedding to ensure that it's a success. This will give you time to get you and your loved ones ready for your trip.

Here at Lisbon Wedding Planner, we specialize in giving our couples a stress-free planning process for their destination wedding in Portugal. Want to know what we mean? Contact us today!

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